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Termites in Perth are a serious problem, both in Perth and across Australia. The Pest Guys offer termite protection to residential and commercial clients across Perth. Termites can cause damage that is often expensive to repair and, if not dealt with properly, will reoccur year after year. More worryingly, termite damage is not covered by your home insurance and infestations can be difficult to detect before it is too late.

Although Termites play a vital role in nature by recycling dead and decaying wood, they can’t tell the difference between dead trees and the structural timber in your home. Worker termites tunnel 50- 100 metres or more from the nest in search of food, and they are attracted to the very things we place around our homes. If they come across your home’s foundations while they are foraging they will follow any cracks or crevices to access the structure and seek out a timber food source.

We are experienced in pest control services in Perth and the termite treatment and prevention of termites in offices and homes. Contact us today to advise you on the best method of termite elimination and protection for your home.

Termite Inspections Perth

Regular inspections are the most important part of termite control. While annual timber termite inspections in Perth do not stop a termite infestation they can help with the early detection of termite activity. Once termites are detected, remedial treatment can begin so damage to your property will be minimized or prevented The Pest Guys can provide ongoing programs to minimize the risk.

The Pest Guys annual inspection will allow early detection of termites and highlight potential problem areas/conditions that are conducive to termite infestations in and around your home.

White Ant Treatment Perth

Our licensed technicians will provide you with a full report in accordance with Australian standards informing you of any conditions favourable to white ants, maintenance tips plus the do’s and don’ts to help reduce the risk of future termite attack.

To minimize white ant damage to your property, contact us today to discuss our annual maintenance services.



Termite Barrier Systems – Perth

A Pest Guys chemical barrier pest control treatment is likely to involve one or more of the following treatment methods below. All treatments are conducted in accordance with the latest Australian standards and codes of practice.

  • A thorough Australian Standards compliant timber pest inspection is carried out on the home for all of our termite treatments. Termites cannot be successfully treated without a thorough inspection of the property to ascertain existing termite entry points and areas conducive to termite attack.
  • Trench and flood around the external perimeter of the building where direct earth abuts the side of the building.
  • Trench and flood around the external perimeter of the building where direct earth abuts the side of the building. Note ideally pavers are also listed and soil beneath is trenched and flooded as opposed to drill and injecting pavers.
  • Timber floored homes may require trenching and flooding around the internal perimeter of the subfloor, subfloor stumps and brick piers.
  • Drill and inject all penetrations (typically plumbing penetrations) through the concrete slab.
  • Rod inject areas of build up earth abutting the building.
  • Drill and inject cracks in the concrete pad.

Please be aware that all termite treatments are only as effective as the thoroughness of your treatment. Termites have many ways of accessing properties and people can be misled to believe that a simple external perimeter treatment provides them with complete protection.

Chemical Choices for Termite Control

There are many chemicals available to the industry for use in protecting structures against termite attack, most fall into either one of two categories “Repellent” or “Non-Repellent”.  This simply means the termite has the ability to detect or not detect the chemical in the soil.

These chemicals vary in their effectiveness on termites, toxicity to humans and the environment, residual lifespan, odour and cost (in fact a 2.5L bottle of some termiticides can cost over $1000 dollars).

Non Repellent:

Termidor  (Active Constituent: fipronil)

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Termidor is invisible to Termites, it is water-based, has no odour, will not leach through the soil and is not damaging to soil micro-organisms, earthworms or plants. In addition to being a chemical lethal to termites, the chemical is transferred from one termite to another through general contact, grooming and exchange of food. Under ideal circumstances, this transfer of chemical from one termite to another has the ability to achieve colony suppression. Termidor has a residual life of approximately eight years.

For more information, watch this video.

Altriset (Active Constituent: chlorantraniliprole)

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Altriset is invisible to Termites, it is water-based, has no odour and is the only termiticide that is completely exempt from poison scheduling providing safety for your family and your pest controller. Altriset is fast acting locking the termites’ jaw within hours of coming into contact preventing them from feeding. Altriset transfers from one termite to another through contact and grooming and has the potential to transfer all the way back to the nest. Altriset has a residual life of approximately 7 years.

Prothor (Active Constituent: imidacloprid)

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Prothor is invisible to Termites, it is water-based, has no odour and is the only termiticide which is not classified as hazardous according to Worksafe Australia. Prothor also transfers from one termite to another through general contact, grooming and exchange of food called its “Viral Effect”. Prothor has a residual life of approximately five years.



Maxxthor  (Active Constituent: bifenthrin) 

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Unlike Prothor and Termidor which are invisible to termites, Maxxthor in addition to being lethal to termites is a termite repellent. Due to the repellent nature of the chemical termites tend to avoid contact with the chemical barrier. It has a residual life of 3 to 17 years (dependent on mix concentration) and is a time-proven method of treating termites with successful results for the last ten years. It is also generally the least expensive option for termite management.

Termite Baiting Systems – Perth

The Pest Guys strongly recommend the use of the Exterra Termite Baiting system in Perth, our sandy soils make it extremely easy to attract termites to stations, and the Exterra product has been tried and tested over many years in the Perth termite treatment market. Furthermore, the safety of this non-toxic termite treatment method ensures safety for your family.

The Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System is designed to intercept foraging Perth termites and to concentrate termite feeding in Exterra Stations. In-ground Stations containing timber interceptors are embedded in the soil around the perimeter of your building to provide protection. These are inspected on a regular basis until termites are intercepted.

At this point, The Pest Guys will add Exterra Requiem Termite Bait to the In-ground Station. Requiem is a Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor. A key component of a termite’s exoskeleton is the substance chitin. Without chitin, termites cannot complete their natural moulting process. If they do not moult they die. This results in the elimination of the colony whilst avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in the environment.

When the colony has been eliminated, the Requiem Termite bait is removed and fresh timber interceptors are placed in the Stations. These Stations continue to be monitored by The Pest Guys on a regular basis.

Where termites are found to be feeding within your building(s) we incorporate pest management solutions that have worked for clients across Perth. Above-ground Stations containing Requiem Termite Bait are installed on the property. This may require inserting small screws and the opening of small access holes to enable termites to enter the Station. These Stations are removed once the colony has been eliminated, or if no feeding occurs.

International studies have shown that Requiem has a very low level of mammalian toxicity, even at very high levels of exposure, so it does not pose any risk to you, your family, the environment or your pets. If you’re looking for natural pest control, contact Perth’s recommended choice. The Pest Guys are fully experienced and knowledgeable in the world of eradicating pests and maintaining your property going forward. Look no further than us for termite protection.


The Pest Guys Termite Bating System explained

STEP 1 – House under attack from termites. The first step in the Exterra Management program is a thorough inspection of your home by an Exterra Authorised and licensed termite manager. Your Exterra Termite Manager will determine the nature of the threat to your property and recommend cultural changes you should make as well as determining the optimal placement of the Exterra Termite Monitoring Stations.

STEP 2 – Exterra Stations are placed around your property. The unique Focus Termite Attractant is added ro your stations at this time. This ensures the termited are attracted into the station and do not pass through them to enter your home. This is unique to Exterra. This can mean a significant decrease in the time to colony elimination. If termites are in your home, above-ground stations are installed Above-ground Stations allow your termite problem to be dealt with immediately, right at the point of termite attack.

The Pest Guys check your stations regularly. A hand-held computer device and barcode scanner are used to ensure the quality of your program

STEP 3 – The patented Focus Termite Attractant is added to your Stations at this time. Termites are easily detected by the Pest Guys in the Exterra Stations. This unique (patented) design of the Exterra Station allows for termites to be seen without disturbing them. This is very important. And the termites are not disturbed during bait application either.

STEP 4 – The Exterra Station is baited with Requiem Termite Bait Requiem Termite Bait is added without disturbing the termites. Requiem Termite Bait is added by the Pest Guys without disturbing the termites. This is vital to achieve quick and consistent results. Requiem Termite Bait is highly palatable to termites and they readily consume it in preference to timber. In fact, Australian studies show that once termites start feeding on Requiem, they stop feeding on timbers in your home! Requiem Termite Bait is also very low toxicity to you, your pets and the environment.

STEP 5 – The Termite Colony is eliminated by the Requiem Termite Bait.  The termites feed on the Requiem Termite Bait and take it back to the colony where it is fed slowly throughout the entire termite colony. Since the termites die gradually, they do not associate the colony’s demise with the Requiem Termite Bait. This ensures that the entire colony is eliminated.

STEP 6 – The Termite Colony is eliminated…. The Pest Guys place fresh interceptors into the station and regular monitoring continues. Your property always remains susceptible to future attack from new termite colonies or other established termite colonies in your area.

To relieve this constant threat the Exterra System works on an ongoing process of monitoring, baiting and eliminating. This makes its use ideal as an ongoing early warning system. And with Focus Termite Attractant there to ensure the termites find the Stations before your home – you have total security.