Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection

Purchasing a home can be the biggest decision of your life, so trust a company that specialises in Termite Inspections in Perth, and the management of Pest Inspections. The Pest Guys staff are highly trained and qualified in Timber pest detection and treatment, and conduct all our inspections in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3  which not only targets termites but also, timber borers and fungal decay or “wood rot”.

The Pest Guys being comprehensively insured, ensures you have peace of mind that our Timber Pest Inspections carried out in accordance with Australian standard AS 4349.3 are extremely thorough, comprehensive and you are provided with a 12-page in-depth report along with treatment recommendations for your new home. Not only that but our continued education and update of our staff’s skills ensure you have a technician that is skilled in Perth termite’s their habits and biology, below is an example of the information covered in our inspections and reports.

  • Termite activity
  • Termite Treatment
  • Termite Inspections Perth
  • Timber Decay
  • Current and/or previous Termite Management Programs
  • Wood Borers
  • Chemical Delignification
  • Conditions conducive to Timber Pest Attack
  • Advice for ongoing Termite Management Programs
  • Environmental factors in and around your property
  • Timber Pest risk assessment & advice

The Pest Guys pride themselves on a fast and efficient service, immediate bookings available and quick turnaround of our reports back to you.

We have also created an article which will help explain ‘Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection’ – click here to read this article. 

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Whilst we do not carry out Building Inspections, we have partnered with an excellent company called BHIS; see their logo below to check out their services.