Paper Wasp (Polistes humilis)

The Pest Guys are your local Perth wasp treatment experts, generally speaking Perth wasp’s emergencies revolve around our most common species of wasp the Paper wasp. They are 10-15 millimetres long, has a brown body with black and yellow stripes.

Paper wasps play a role in the pollination of flowers in our gardens however they can become quite a nuisance. Bites or stings are quite painful and they will attack any person approaching or disturbing their nests.


Paper wasps are able to sting multiple times, and their nests usually contain more than one individual at a time, for this reason allergic reactions can be similar to bee stings with differing degrees of sensitivity.

Nests are made of a paper like substance and look much like a honey combe, varying in size from the size of a 20 cent piece thru to the size of a basketball. Individuals can be quite territorial so if you spot a paper wasp nest do not approach, call a professional who can help you.

The Pest Guys wasp treatment involves inspection of your grounds with particular attention paid to the areas like gutters, eaves, fence capping, tiles on roof, and shrubbery. Once nests are located individuals are treated and the nest removed wherever possible. The Pest Guys can generally offer a same day service for these emergency’s please contact our office or Book online for your urgent treatment.