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Rats and mice are very adaptable public health pests and are considered the most successful mammal species after humans. They are not fussy eaters and can make themselves at home in any number of structures like houses, roof voids, subfloors, sheds, garages, gardens , and of course commercial premises such as warehouses, factory’s, feed mills, drains, ships, wharfs, food production premises, restaurants and the list goes on.

Rats and mice are considered a nuisance because of the damage they cause to buildings as well as the foul odours they create with their colonies. Their continual gnawing through pipes, conduits and electrical wiring has been the cause of electrical fires all over Australia.

Rats and mice are not only smelly and destructive but can pose a serious risk to human health and the community they carry and transmit many diseases found in Perth; including murine typhus fever, rat-bite fever, weil’s disease, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, rat lung worm disease, and leptospirosis. Rats contaminate food and food preparation areas with their fur, droppings and urine causing Salmonella food poisoning and economic loss.

Owners and occupiers of premises are required by law to prevent harbourage of rats and ensure their destruction.

In Perth we have a three common species of rodents that cause concern:

  • Roof Rat: 160 – 200mm body length
  • Norway Rat: 150 -250mm  body length
  • House Mouse: 60 – 95mm body length

The Pest Guys know the secret to rat or mice control in Perth relies on our initial inspection of the premises, to identify likely harbourage areas, and key pathways in which the rodents will travel along. When you employ The Pest Guys our operators are trained to the highest level to ensure our rat and mice treatments are tailored to suit your specific problem or locations, and provide you with the fastest method of control.

Rodent treatment or control with The Pest Guys will generally involve a multi-faceted approach using a mixture of chemical and safe physical control methods depending on the area of application. We utilise only the latest in bait and attractant technologies available on the market to wipe out the entire population that is attacking your property and leave you with ongoing protection from future attack. Rest assured The Pest Guys use of tamper proof bait stations to safely lock away any poisons, ensures the safety of your family and the public.

If you are searching this site then your rat or mice  problem has reached a point where it’s time to take action and employ a professional to get a result. Many Perth homeowners undertake rodent treatment themselves with hardware remedies, unfortunately placement and application of the correct control method for a given situation is so important to get a result. Don’t let those filthy rats or mice spread disease in your premises. How do you know if you have mice or rats? Read this article to determine common signs of mice and rats. 

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