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The Pest Guys are experienced in the management of problematic birds and understands the related issues feral birds can create in our Perth environment. In particular we have many products and service to control Perth’s main pest birds like the Pigeon, Seagull, and swallows.

Whilst Swallows and the Seagulls deliver mainly nuisance value by their scavenging and expensive soiling of  surfaces with their droppings or faeces, did you know that pigeons represent significant health risk to both staff and the general public, they are known to carry over a dozen different disease organisms harmful to man, here are just a few.

Histoplasmosis: A systemic fungal disease which affects the lymph nodes and the trachea and bronchi of the lung, it is found in the dried faeces of pigeons.

Encephalitis: A viral disease, which can be transmitted to humans by mosquitoes form the birds.

Toxoplasmosis: An influenza type disease that has serious consequences especially dangerous to pregnant women.





The Pest Guys can offer the following services to control your Bird problems. Contact us now for a FREE no obligation appraisal of your bird problem to see what best fits your situation.

Trapping, relocation, culling, and shooting or installation of an extensive range of physical products to deter and control problematic bird populations such as:

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