Australian is home to both European Honey Bees and our native bees. Whilst our native bees are generally not a threat to humans the European Honey bee can be quite dangerous to humans whom are allergic and often present a danger to younger children.

The Pest Guys take no enjoyment in eradicating bee hives due to the important role they play in our environment.  The Pest Guys recommend our customers seek an apiarist to remove / control bee hives where they present minimal risk to humans, however Bee eradication can sometimes become a necessity in Perth during the spring.

At this time, bees commonly “swarm”. Swarming bees are a natural process where a queen will leave the nest with Worker Bees and find a new location to establish a new colony or hive.

This process of swarming can often produce a dangerous situation where the bees are swarming look to locate a new nesting site which may be in the vicinity of your house or commercial property, or even in the cavity of your walls.

To ensure the safety for your staff, or family, choose the most effective Perth bee control service available Book online or contact us on 08 6201 2013.