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Specialists in eradicating feral bird problems in the Perth area. Birds can be as problematic as pests, but are often more difficult to control. The Pest Guys are highly experienced in bird control in Perth, as well as in the management of problematic birds. We understand the issues that feral birds can create in the Perth environment, and have a range of products and methods to control the main pest birds like pigeons, seagulls and swallows.Book your free assessment onlineand take that first step to eradicating your bird problem. Pigeons are a health risk Swallows and seagulls offer no more than nuisance value, with their scavenging and expensive soiling of surfaces with their droppings. But, did you know that pigeons present a significant health risk to the general public? They are known to carry over a dozen different disease organisms harmful to humans, including: - Histoplasmosis - a systemic fungal disease which affects the lymph nodes and the trachea and bronchi of the lung, it is found in the dried faeces of pigeons. - Encephalitis - a viral disease, which can be transmitted to humans by mosquitoes from the birds. - Toxoplasmosis - an influenza type disease that has serious consequences especially dangerous to pregnant women. Feral bird management When it comes to feral bird control there are a number of solutions to eradicate or at least manage the problem. In Perth we often use bird netting to protect your property, but this not always feasible for aesthetic and practical reasons. Whether it’s for seagull control or pigeon pest control we offer the following services to control your bird problem. - Trapping - Relocation - Culling (extreme situations only) - Shooting (extreme situations only) Additional solutions include the installation of a range of physical products, to deter and control problematic bird populations such as: - Bird deterrent spikes - Bird slides - Bird shock flex tracks - Bird netting - Daddi Long Legs - The Eagle Eye Humane treatment of feral birds At the Pest Guys, we take all the necessary steps to deal with your bird problem in a humane as possible, under the prevailing circumstances. We employ a highly-experienced team of bird experts who adhere to the strictest standards in the course of their work. The Pest Guys is simply the smartest, most effective way to protect your family, home or business. Contact us for immediate relief to your feral bird problem.

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