Year Round Pest Protection with our “Pest Off” Package

Finally, The Pest Guys have made it simple, providing you with constant pest protection, on an easily affordable payment schedule don’t ever be hassled by the bugs again!
Maintain a PEST FREE Home From as little as $1.65 per day

Our tailored package provides you with initial control of your pest problem along with a maintenance program designed to control a range of general pests that pop up throughout the year. These packages are ideal for the homeowner who wishes to ensure their property remains in a hygienic pest free manner, or for those clients that experience regular re-occurrence of a particular pest. Our regular visits (3 per annum) are timed to ensure we target the pests nominated below at the point in the season when they are most active:

Pests Covered: Cockroaches, Rodents (Rats & Mice), Spiders, Annual Termite Inspection

**Free Backup for nominated pests all year round excluding Termites, simply call us if you have pest outbreak and we will be there to solve your problem no extra charges.**

All For The Low Price $599.00

($100.00 up front, then 11 x $45.00 per month)