Portuguese Millipedes: What They Are and How They Attack

Portugeuse Millipede
With potent and strong secretions that stain furniture, upholstery and fabrics, Portuguese millipedes are a serious pest to homes, businesses and offices across Perth. Invading in the thousands, they can cause serious damage to your fabrics and often seem impossible to get rid of. At The Pest Guys in Perth, we specialise in resolving Portuguese millipede infestations fast. Utilising advanced equipment, expert techniques and specialised products, we rid your property of Portuguese millipedes and establish millipede control practices. What Are They? Portuguese millipedes have a smooth and cylindrical body made up of up to 50 segments at full development. Adults grow up to 45mm long and have dark grey or black hair with two legs on each segment. Juveniles are distinguishable as they have light brown hair with a dark stripe along the sides of their bodies. Native to Europe,.. Read More

New Rat-Smart Technology for Pest Control in Perth

Rats in Australia
Rats in homes or businesses instantly sparks fear and frustration. Often considered to be harbouring bacteria and disease, rats are one of the most unsightly pests to discover in your home. The two most common species found are the brown and black rat, quickly becoming a pest after being introduced into Australia. Thriving in dark and damp places and finding homes in clutter, food waste, rubbish and debris, rodents can damage electrical work and furniture and can seriously deteriorate the quality of your space. At The Pest Guys, we specialise in providing effective rodent control in Perth. Working in conjunction with our parent company Flick Anticimex, we’re able to offer homes and businesses with reliable and ongoing environmental pest control solutions. Learn more about the Flick Anticimex Smart system of rodent control and deterrence. Flick Anticimex Smart An intelligent.. Read More

Bird Proofing in Australia

Bird Proofing Australia
Feral birds can quickly become a serious pest in your home or business, leaving droppings throughout your property and damaging furniture, buildings and awnings. At The Pest Guys, we specialise in controlling and managing the prevalence of problematic birds in your environment. Utilising a wide range of proven techniques, products and equipment, we’re able to control Perth’s main birds with expertise and effectiveness. Is your home or business plagued by feral birds? Get rid of birds for good with help from the team at The Pest Guys. Perth’s Pests Many Perth homes and businesses are bombarded with a variety of pest birds, most commonly being the pigeon, seagull and swallow. While swallows and seagulls generally just cause a nuisance by soiling and scavenging surfaces and buildings, pigeons can be a serious cause for concern. Representing a significant health risk to.. Read More

Wintergrass Control Using Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Pest Inspection Perth
From luscious residential laws to ovals and playing fields, wintergrass can overtake your lawn if not controlled properly. Known as a prolific seeder that consumes lawns in winter, it quickly becomes a nuisance and significant weed problem in many situations. As Perth’s experienced environmental pest control professionals, The Pest Guys specialise in providing expert services using pre-emergent herbicides to limit wintergrass and preserve the quality of your lawn. How Pre-Emergents Work Pre-emergents are used on already established lawns to combat emerging plant pests. When using a pre-emergent herbicide, timing is everything. Pre-emergents are at their most effective when matching the germination period for wintergrass, targeting new tissues and stopping growth. Used before weeds take hold, pre-emergents work to kill infant root systems and prevent them from growing... Read More

Broadleaf Weed Control Using Herbicides

Environmental Pest Control
Protect your lawn from invasive and competitive broadleaf weeds with help from the professionals at The Pest Guys in Perth. Specialising in environmental pest control, we provide expert services to eliminate broadleaf weeds and protect your turf year-round.   Broadleaf weeds are aggressive and competitive plants that take advantage of weak areas in your lawn. They wreak havoc on your grass by sucking up growing space, water, nutrients and sunlight from surrounding turf. Easily identifiable in your lawn, broadleaf weeds stand out as bulky and coarse plants that disrupt the flow of your turf. Broadleaf weeds are generally more active over the winter but can sometimes pop up on your lawn year-round.   When it comes to getting rid of broadleaf weeds, the right pre or post-emergent herbicides should be used. That’s where The Pest Guys come in. We’re able to select.. Read More

How to Control Rats and Rodents on Your Property

Rats In The Roof
Commonly associated with dirty and littered streets, finding rats in your home can be real shock. While rats do linger around waste and rubbish, they also seek out food and shelter from relatively clean and organised homes. As dreaded pests that spread bacteria, germs and disease, controlling your rat problem fast is essential. At The Pest Guys, we offer a wide range of pest control services to eliminate rats in the roof and throughout your home. We get rid of rats and rodents quickly, restoring comfort and safety to your property. For reliable, effective and prompt pest management in Perth, chat with our team. Why Do I Have Rats? Similar to other pests and insects, rats are drawn to areas where they can find food, water and shelter. Able to fit through small holes in walls and doors, rats can work their way into your home without you even realising. Avoid leaving food scraps.. Read More