Termites or Ants: How to Tell Them Apart

White Ant Treatment
Flying termites, also known as alates, can mean trouble for your property. Signifying an existing termite problem or one looming in the very near future, flying termites create additional offspring and establish new, problematic colonies throughout your property. Termites have the potential to cause serious damage to your home or business, from eating into timber floors, cupboards, linings and fixtures to causing devastating structural damage behind drywall and in between surfaces. If you suspect flying termites, white ants or any other frustrating pests, be sure to deal with them fast. At The Pest Guys, we provide effective white ant and termite treatment in Perth to rid your home or business from pests and to minimise damage. Understanding Types of Termites Worker Termites Both male and female, worker termites complete a number of duties for the colony. They aid in establishing.. Read More

Spider Extermination and Control in WA

Spider Extermination
Australia is notoriously home to an incredible amount of poisonous, dangerous and painful critters – including a healthy selection of spiders of all shapes and sizes. While spiders are an inevitable part of living in Australia, there are some measures you can take to stay safe and protected. From some of the most dangerous to pests and nuisances, preventative methods, spider extermination and effective pest control helps you minimise the prevalence of spiders and avoid an infestation. Types of Spiders in Australia From dangerous and potentially lethal to harmless and sometimes helpful, a large number of spiders are found throughout Australia. In order to effectively control the population of spiders on your home or property, it’s important to identify which species you’re dealing with. At The Pest Guys, we specialise in identifying and treating areas infected by a wide range of.. Read More

Spring Pest Alert: Managing Wasps

Wasp and Bee Removal Perth
As summer arrives, so does the onset of a variety of seasonal pests. Wasps, establishing themselves in spring and summer, are an annoying pest found on homes and properties throughout Perth. With painful and damaging stings, wasps can cause serious issues for their victims. From pets being stung to curious kids getting too close to nests, managing wasps early is essential. Here’s how you can keep your property safe from the threat of bees and wasps this summer.   Preparing for Wasps in Summer Wasps tend to prefer warmer climates and are more active in warmer weather. With Western Australia’s long and hot summers, our homes and properties become the perfect place for wasps to thrive. While wasps don’t cause damage to property, they do cause harm to the humans and pets that they encounter. With a painful sting that causes swelling and inflammation, wasps can be a serious,.. Read More

Portuguese Millipedes: What They Are and How They Attack

Portugeuse Millipede
With potent and strong secretions that stain furniture, upholstery and fabrics, Portuguese millipedes are a serious pest to homes, businesses and offices across Perth. Invading in the thousands, they can cause serious damage to your fabrics and often seem impossible to get rid of. At The Pest Guys in Perth, we specialise in resolving Portuguese millipede infestations fast. Utilising advanced equipment, expert techniques and specialised products, we rid your property of Portuguese millipedes and establish millipede control practices. What Are They? Portuguese millipedes have a smooth and cylindrical body made up of up to 50 segments at full development. Adults grow up to 45mm long and have dark grey or black hair with two legs on each segment. Juveniles are distinguishable as they have light brown hair with a dark stripe along the sides of their bodies. Native to Europe,.. Read More

New Rat-Smart Technology for Pest Control in Perth

Rats in Australia
Rats in homes or businesses instantly sparks fear and frustration. Often considered to be harbouring bacteria and disease, rats are one of the most unsightly pests to discover in your home. The two most common species found are the brown and black rat, quickly becoming a pest after being introduced into Australia. Thriving in dark and damp places and finding homes in clutter, food waste, rubbish and debris, rodents can damage electrical work and furniture and can seriously deteriorate the quality of your space. At The Pest Guys, we specialise in providing effective rodent control in Perth. Working in conjunction with our parent company Flick Anticimex, we’re able to offer homes and businesses with reliable and ongoing environmental pest control solutions. Learn more about the Flick Anticimex Smart system of rodent control and deterrence. Flick Anticimex Smart An intelligent.. Read More

Bird Proofing in Australia

Bird Proofing Australia
Feral birds can quickly become a serious pest in your home or business, leaving droppings throughout your property and damaging furniture, buildings and awnings. At The Pest Guys, we specialise in controlling and managing the prevalence of problematic birds in your environment. Utilising a wide range of proven techniques, products and equipment, we’re able to control Perth’s main birds with expertise and effectiveness. Is your home or business plagued by feral birds? Get rid of birds for good with help from the team at The Pest Guys. Perth’s Pests Many Perth homes and businesses are bombarded with a variety of pest birds, most commonly being the pigeon, seagull and swallow. While swallows and seagulls generally just cause a nuisance by soiling and scavenging surfaces and buildings, pigeons can be a serious cause for concern. Representing a significant health risk to.. Read More