Ant Infestations: Causes and Treatments

Ant Infestations
When an ant army invades your home, you need to act quickly to make sure the colony is controlled and the infestation doesn't come back. There are a few common species of ant found all over Perth; Argentine ants, Black ants, Coastal Brown ants, and Bull ants. Identifying the species is the first step to dealing with an infestation. While most ants behave more-or-less the same way, there are subtle differences which experts employ to ensure the most troublesome species can’t return. Targeted ant treatments ensure any colony is dealt with in a fast, effective, and safe way. What causes ant infestations Ants enter your house looking for food or shelter (or both). They get in through cracks and small openings then begin to forage for sweet and oily foods. Once inside, ants leave a pheromone trail for the rest of the colony to follow and pretty soon your pantry is overrun with.. Read More

White Ants and Termites: What’s the Difference?

Termite Inspection Perth
Almost every Australian is familiar with the little creatures that chew through wood and cause expensive damage to homes. Depending on your upbringing you might have called the little terrors Termites, or had the White Ant woes, but here's something you might not know: they're the same thing. Yes, termite and white ant are two different names for the same pest! So, where does the confusion come from? Put simply, termites (or "white ants", or "those little buggers that chewed through the neighbour's deck") look very similar to ants however are generally white in colour. There are some key differences though which will help to distinguish a dangerous termite invasion from ants, which are annoying but nowhere near as destructive. Because termite treatment is different from ant pest control in Perth, it's important to know what you are facing.  It may be worh booking a termite.. Read More

Protect Your Family from Bees This Spring and Summer

There’s nothing quite like the beautiful, warm weather of Perth’s spring and summer, however, humans are not the only ones who enjoy it. But, at this time of the year, bees commonly swarm. Swarming is a natural process whereby the queen will leave the nest with worker bees and site a new location to establish a colony or live. Australia is home to European Honey Bees and our own native bees. While our native bees are normally of no threat to humans, the European Honey Bee can be quite dangerous around children and especially, those who are allergic. Swarming can bring dangerous bees very close to your home or, in some circumstances, even within your home. The Pest Guys take no enjoyment in eradicating bees and will assess every other possible option when you contact them with your bee problem. However, eradication can sometimes become a necessity during Perth’s.. Read More

Millions of Millipedes

Millipede Control
Portuguese millipedes were accidentally introduced to WA in the late '80s and their numbers exploded soon after, making them a persistent pest in Perth gardens. Although millipedes are not usually harmful to humans or animals they are a real nuisance when high numbers invade your garden. Portuguese millipedes (Ommatoiulus moreleti) came from south west Europe and spread through commercial shipping routes all around the world. As they were introduced to Australia without natural predators, the numbers grew quickly and this little black leaf-eater can now be found all around Perth and Australia. How to identify Portuguese millipedes Millipedes usually hang around in gardens and leafy areas. Portuguese millipedes are herbivorous, usually found feeding on leaf litter, decaying wood, vegetable waste, and fungus. Adult Portuguese millipedes grow around 20-50mm long with a smooth.. Read More

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment: Why it’s Important

Termite Treatment Perth
Imagine you’ve worked so hard to buy a block of land and are now achieving the dream of building your home! What could possibly ruin this? Termites. They may play an important role in nature, recycling dead and decaying wood, but unfortunately they can’t tell the difference between dead trees and the timber in your future home. What does that mean for you? It means there are pests that cause hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to homes around Australia every year. Luckily, The Pest Guys will help protect your home from termite infestation because we consider the home to be your family’s most valuable asset. You can book a termite inspection in Perth, today. We believe prevention is better than cure and this attitude will help save you substantial costs later on, should you find yourselves in the throes of a termite infestation. To avoid potential damage,.. Read More

What’s Lurking in Your Backyard?

Pest Control Services
With its sunny days, warm summers at the beach, and laid back lifestyle Perth is a great place to live. That's why so many creepy crawlies choose to call Perth home. That's right, you are probably not alone in your home! At any time, there can be dozens of species of freeloading pests hanging around your garden – or even inside your home if you are not careful with pest control. Depending on where you live you will be visited by different pests during the year. Knowing what to look out for at different times of the year and being prepared to defend your home with pest inspections and pest control methods is important. Southern suburbs The most common pests in Perth's southern suburbs are: 1. Ants 2. Bees 3. Spiders Bees and ants can be problematic in different ways; bees can cause harm if they sting humans or animals with an allergy, whereas ants create a pest situation.. Read More