Termite Treatment – Monitoring and Baiting Systems

termite treatment
Did you know termite damage costs hundreds of millions of dollars in Australia each year? According to CSIRO studies, one in three houses will be attacked or damaged by termites at some point, often causing serious ruin to the foundations of a building before being visually detected. A termite-infested house may seem perfectly fine for years, but by the time the damage is realised, your home may have developed major structural damage. Termites play an important role in nature, feeding off plant debris and converting it into fertile organic matter; but unfortunately, their diet also includes the timber used to build your home. The CSIRO recommends yearly inspection by pest control specialists; depending on the termite risk of your house and its area, more frequent inspections may be required. If termites are found, then chemical extermination treatment is required. To minimise the.. Read More

Don’t Gamble with Termites: Keep Your Investment or Rental Property Safe

Termite Treatment
The Pest Guys attend to hundreds of Perth termite infestations every year. Some infestations are caught early by fastidious homeowners, some managed on an annual basis, but many are ignored, resulting in a mammoth damage bill for termite treatment costs. Often, the worst termite infestations are found at tenanted properties, where residents aren’t the owners and have either ignored the termite problem or been oblivious to the tell-tale signs of Perth termite damage (often undetected by the naked eye). A recent termite assessment by one of our staff provided an example of an infestation that could’ve easily been avoided if the property owner had conducted an Annual Termite Inspection or secured one of our Termite Treatments for the property. On arrival at the termite assessment, our staff member pulled into the driveway to the sight of two hardworking owners cleaning up the.. Read More

Bugs That Don’t Belong

Cockroach Infestation
Much like globalisation has led to the integration of people and products across the world, it has also allowed bugs to be spread across continents. As Perth's leading exterminator, we've experienced first-hand how the introduction of invasive species can impact Australia's ecosystem. The Harmful Effects of Invasive Bugs Once an invasive species sets up shop they can be difficult to eradicate. In Australia, there is a prevalence of international bees, some of which have been around for almost 200 years. These include European Honey Bees, Bumble Bees, and Asian Honey Bees. Some of these bees play an essential role in the pollination of plants and the environment, while others, particularly the Asian Honey Bee can have negative ramifications as they create extra competition for natural floral resources and nesting sites and don't provide adequate pollination. This competition.. Read More

Protect Your Building From Birds

Bird Control Perth
The Pest Guys are experienced in the management of problematic birds. As the specialists in pest control in Perth, we understand how important it is to get feral birds under control, which is why we have several methods in place to keep your business, your employees and your customers and yourself safe. Pesky Birds in WA In Perth, Pigeons, Seagulls, and Swallows are among the biggest sky-bound pests that pose a risk to the environment and your health. If you've ever tried eating fish and chips on one of Perth's beautiful beach cafes, you would know that Seagulls and Swallows are a nuisance because of their scavenger tendencies, as well as their soiling of surfaces with faeces. For example, if bird droppings are left on your car for too long, it can ruin the paint job, which can be expensive to repair. However, Pigeons pose the biggest threat to us, as they are known carriers of.. Read More

How to Protect Your Clothes from Silverfish

Silverfish Control
Silverfish might not look nasty at a glance, but they can do serious damage to clothes, books, paperwork, and fabric if their numbers are left unchecked for too long. If you’re dealing with a silverfish invasion you need Perth's silverfish and pest control specialists to wipe out the population before you can work on prevention methods. We will thoroughly check your home for signs of invasion before our fully accredited technicians get to work eradicating the population, leaving you silverfish free with peace of mind. How to spot a silverfish invasion If you live in Perth, you’ve likely seen a silverfish before. Silverfish are small, only one or one or two centimetres in length, and get their name from their silvery grey colour. They are wingless with scaly bodies and two antennae on their head. They thrive in most climates but thrive in cool damp locations, e.g. under the.. Read More

Environmental Pest Control

Residential Pest Control
Being a pest controller in Western Australia comes with a whole bunch of important regulations and requirements, like any other licensed profession. At the bare minimum, pest controllers must complete a TAFE course before they can apply to be registered with the Department of Health. Provided they pass the TAFE course, and have their application accepted, trainee pest controllers then need to work under the personal supervision of an experienced professional for at least one month. Here at The Pest Guys, we pride ourselves on taking our standards to a higher level. We are determined to use environmentally friendly, non-toxic pest control methods whenever and wherever we can. And we do a pretty good job of it! As far as Perth pest controllers go, we are leading the field in family friendly and environmentally conscious creepy crawly control. Why Health Department licensing.. Read More