How to Get Rid of Millipedes in Perth

Portuguese Millipede
You may have spotted these creepy crawlies in damp areas around your garden or found your pathways invaded with a colony of millipedes after rain and wondered where they all came from! Millipedes are beneficial to the recycling of dead plant material in gardens, and while they aren’t harmful to humans, they are certainly considered a pest, appearing unexpectedly at your home or business, causing damage to flooring and upholstery.  What is a Millipede? While we haven’t taken the time to count their individual legs, experts have confirmed that although the name millipede literally refers to one thousand feet – ‘milli’ meaning one thousand and ‘pede’ meaning foot – millipedes do not have a thousand little legs! Millipedes are not insects; they are actually considered myriapoda, a category which translates in Ancient Greek to “ten thousand foot.” We’ve.. Read More

Knowing The Habits Of Australia’s Most Common Ants

Carpenter Ants in Perth
Australia gets a little bit of a bad rap for all the nasty critters that could put you down. Sharks, crocs, and funnel-web spiders all rank highly in lists of native-animals that could buy you one-way tickets to an early grave. Thankfully, these bad boys often live far away from civilization, usually taking residence in nooks and crannies that most people won’t venture into. It’s one thing to have critters out in the bushland or the ocean—but it’s a whole other game when they’re living in your house. There’s nothing worse than a home Ant infestation, and there’s no more common and pervasive threat to a safe and comfortable home than the many species of ants that are present in almost every house. Knowledge is power, so let’s explore some of the most common pest species that you’ll encounter, and learn about their habits. Carpenter Ants Carpenter ants are.. Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

The Pest Guys Termite Treatment
On the hunt to find your humble new home? You will no doubt be overwhelmed by all the advice and information available; from suburb advice to all the little checks you should do on your soon to be home, there is a lot to take in! You may have fallen in love with the property and cosmetically, your potential new home may look in tiptop condition, but unbeknownst to you, there may also be some hidden, unwanted houseguests lurking out of sight. Termites are a pest that cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses across Australia every year and they don’t discriminate – these selfish little pests find their way onto all types of properties and into homes with food, water and shelter in mind. Buying a home? Don’t forget a pre-purchase pest inspection! When you’re making such a big financial investment, you want to know your purchase is worth the.. Read More

Control and Eliminate Fleas from Your Property in Australia

Eliminate Fleas | The Pest Guys
Preying on pets, animals and even humans, fleas are pesky wingless parasites found in countries all across the world. Feeding off the blood of humans, our much-loved household pets and a variety of other animals, flea bites and flea infestations can be both annoying and dangerous. Causing an intense itch and leading to infections due to scratching and irritation, fleas can wreak havoc in your home. As fleas use a wide selection of hosts, diseases can be transferred from one host to another. Fleas are known for transmitting tapeworm larvae and even the disease murine typhus. The most common fleas in Australia impact cats and dogs while sometimes impacting humans. Identifying a Flea Bite If you suspect that someone in your household has been bitten by fleas, it’s important to identify the cause of bites quickly. By acting fast, you can treat flea bites effectively and avoid.. Read More

How to Identify Rats or Mice

Rats In The Roof
Have you heard scurrying and scratching across your floors or ceilings at night? Your property may have become home to rats or mice. Drawn to attractive food sources and places with good shelter and comfort, rats and mice can go by virtually undetected in the day time. Nibbling on food, rodents can leave droppings around your property and may end up causing damage by chewing through your wiring, piping or insulation. Often used interchangeably, rats and mice are actually two very different rodents. Learn more about the physical and behavioural characteristics of rats and mice and how to best combat a rodent infestation in your property. Physical Characteristics House mice are small and slender with large ears and lengthy tails. As long as the length of the head and body, tails are semi naked and extend out as mice move around. The head and feet of mice are proportionally smaller.. Read More

Controlling Cockroaches in Your Home

Cockroach Infestation
One of the most common pests in Australian households, cockroaches can quickly become a nuisance and a danger. From running across kitchen benches to scattering over floorboards and tiles, cockroaches are often seen as an unhygienic and hazardous pest within the home. Unlucky for us, most cockroaches prefer the sheltered and contained environments of houses. Full of food, warmth and places to hide, our homes quickly become an attractive and pleasant habitat for cockroaches. When it comes to cockroach infestations, it’s important to act quickly to eliminate them from your property. Cockroaches can spread germs, dirt and disease to humans, making fast cockroach control actions critical. As nocturnal creatures, cockroaches are generally most active at night. If you spot activity during the day, you may be experiencing a cockroach infestation. Health Risks Cockroaches are considered.. Read More