Dealing with Rats and Mice: Tips for Property Managers

rats in house
As a property manager, your priority is maintaining the value of your client’s home. From finding good tenants to identifying damage early on, your diligence keeps homes in good condition - and keeps your clients happy. Whether reported by a tenant or witnessed during a house inspection, dealing with a rat or mice infestation fast is essential. Pest infestations can quickly cause serious damage to properties, leaving your tenants - as well as your clients - with a damaged home and costly expenses. At The Pest Guys in Perth, we specialise in helping property managers and owners get rid of rat and mice infestations. With effective and efficient services, our professionals minimise downtime and let your tenants get back to living comfortably in your property. How to Spot Rats and Mice  Conducting a routine property inspection or heard a report about rats or mice? Here’s.. Read More

Minimise the Risk of Termite Damage to Your Home in Perth

termite inspection
As a homeowner, taking care of your investment goes much further than just maintaining the appearance of your property. Unforeseen risks and unexpected damages can and do come up, so it’s important to know what to look out for and how to best protect your home. Pests are some of the most damaging risks to any property, ruining insulation, wiring, wood and drywall and sometimes even rendering your home uninhabitable. In particular, termites can cause serious and costly damage that isn’t always evident at first glance. Learn more about how to reduce the risk of termites and how to keep your home protected with tips from The Pest Guys in Perth. Reduce Moisture Termites are often drawn to areas with dampness and moisture. Allowing them to quickly gather and populate, moisture becomes the perfect environment to establish an infestation. Reduce the risk of a termite infestation by.. Read More

The Pest Guys – Protect Your Home Against Rodents in Winter

Rats In The Roof
As we move into the cooler months, rodents get ready to find somewhere warm and cosy to hide out over winter. Offering shelter and comfortable temperatures, family homes become an attractive destination to rodents. But, as rodents pose a significant risk to the health of your household and often damage your property, it’s important to get on top of rodent infestations quickly. If you think your home may become a hiding spot for rodents over the winter, act now. Seek the advice of rodent control professionals to make sure that your property is protected against rodent infestations. What are Rodents? Rodents include the many species of both common and uncommon rats and mice. Warm-blooded mammals that breed and spread fast, rodents of different species are found throughout the world. Typically featuring oversized front teeth, they quickly find and devour food as well as gnaw.. Read More

How to Get Rid of Millipedes in Perth

Portuguese Millipede
You may have spotted these creepy crawlies in damp areas around your garden or found your pathways invaded with a colony of millipedes after rain and wondered where they all came from! Millipedes are beneficial to the recycling of dead plant material in gardens, and while they aren’t harmful to humans, they are certainly considered a pest, appearing unexpectedly at your home or business, causing damage to flooring and upholstery.  What is a Millipede? While we haven’t taken the time to count their individual legs, experts have confirmed that although the name millipede literally refers to one thousand feet – ‘milli’ meaning one thousand and ‘pede’ meaning foot – millipedes do not have a thousand little legs! Millipedes are not insects; they are actually considered myriapoda, a category which translates in Ancient Greek to “ten thousand foot.” We’ve.. Read More

Knowing The Habits Of Australia’s Most Common Ants

Carpenter Ants in Perth
Australia gets a little bit of a bad rap for all the nasty critters that could put you down. Sharks, crocs, and funnel-web spiders all rank highly in lists of native-animals that could buy you one-way tickets to an early grave. Thankfully, these bad boys often live far away from civilization, usually taking residence in nooks and crannies that most people won’t venture into. It’s one thing to have critters out in the bushland or the ocean—but it’s a whole other game when they’re living in your house. There’s nothing worse than a home Ant infestation, and there’s no more common and pervasive threat to a safe and comfortable home than the many species of ants that are present in almost every house. Knowledge is power, so let’s explore some of the most common pest species that you’ll encounter, and learn about their habits. Carpenter Ants Carpenter ants are.. Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

The Pest Guys Termite Treatment
On the hunt to find your humble new home? You will no doubt be overwhelmed by all the advice and information available; from suburb advice to all the little checks you should do on your soon to be home, there is a lot to take in! You may have fallen in love with the property and cosmetically, your potential new home may look in tiptop condition, but unbeknownst to you, there may also be some hidden, unwanted houseguests lurking out of sight. Termites are a pest that cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses across Australia every year and they don’t discriminate – these selfish little pests find their way onto all types of properties and into homes with food, water and shelter in mind. Buying a home? Don’t forget a pre-purchase pest inspection! When you’re making such a big financial investment, you want to know your purchase is worth the.. Read More