Rats and Mice

Is there a problem with secondary poisoning of dogs eating dead rodents?

Although it is possible, the likelihood of secondary poisoning is extremely small. Your dog or cat would need to eat a large number of dead rodents. Fortunately the effect of the poison can be easily reversed by injections of vitamin K1. We have not had any complaints of secondary poison under the present management.

Will the rats die in my roof after eating the bait?

Rats generally live in burrows below ground or in rubbish or wood piles. The baits we use work by prevention of the rodents production of Vitamin K1 which acts to clot their blood. Over a period of 3-7 days the rats will die. It is therefore much more likely that they will die outside your building than inside it. However it is possible and we can come to remove any rats and deodorize as part of another service.

The thing to remember is that the rats that get in your roof will die regardless of whether we come or not. They only live about 12 months but it will be better if we kill the rats you have now than let them reproduce and you face a much worse problem in the future.

Are pets attracted to the rodent poison?

No, the baits are attractive to rodents not dogs or cats. It also contains a bittering agent called Bitrex which makes it taste unpleasant to pets and humans. Nevertheless we always place the baits in locations that your pets do not have access to as a precaution. Poisoning can be easily reversed if the animal is quickly injected with vitamin K1.

How long will the baits take to work?

The baits we use work by prevention of the rodents production of Vitamin K1 (The bait contains an ingredient which fools the rodents body in thinking it has produced enough K1) which acts to clot their blood. After eating the bait the rats will die over a period of 3-7 days. However because rats are cautious by nature it will take several days for them to start to accept the bait, so we say allow 2 weeks for the baits to be most effective.

Will this get rid of the rodents once and for all?

Rodent baiting is the quickest and most effective way to greatly reduce a rodent population. However rats have lived and around mankind for centuries and are well adapted to both city and country life. Though we may kill all the rats that originate from your property there may be other rats breeding nearby.

So it is always a case of reduce and then maintain low populations.

What sort of damage can rats do?

Rats can eat a wide variety of building materials, stored products, and of course food that you eat. And because of their requirement to be constantly gnawing, they also are responsible for a large number of house fires every year when they chew through electrical wiring.

They also have the potential to spread a wide variety of diseases.