General Questions

Is the treatment guaranteed?

Answer will depend on pest. Spiders, rodents, 3 months. Ants: only to largely reduce numbers initially. Termites 12 months after a full treatment, if there was some fault in our application or treatment.

Does The Pest Guys treat for weeds?

Yes, we spray for Bindi, and the best time for that is from mid June to September before flowering commences.

Can we buy that can of Blattenax?

You can’t buy it a Bunnings; I am not sure about the answer to that question as the company buys it direct from the wholesaler.

Will the spray you use stain my carpet?

The spray we use is water based and does not leave a stain on carpets.

Would my insurance pay for the termite damage done?

Insurance policies do not cover pest control as part of their standard or optional policies. You would have to have a policy especially written to cover pests such as termites which I imagine would be very expensive.