What can I do in preparation for a flea treatment?

It is important to vacuum all the carpets to remove as many adults and eggs as possible and then to rub the carpets with the back of a broom to activate the eggs to hatch just prior to treatment.

Your pet should be treated with fleas and the bedding if possible should be bagged and removed.

The lawns should be mown so that the chemical has a better penetration into the soil. It is also preferable to water the lawn for 10-15 min prior to the application of the chemical. The lawns should not be watered for several days after application.

What do flea bites look like?

Flea bites generally result in the formation of a slightly-raised swollen itching spot with a single puncture point at the center. The bites often appear in clusters or lines, and can remain itchy and inflamed for up to several weeks afterwards.

I’m planning to have my carpets cleaned will that effect the treatment?

That is a good idea to do prior to our treatment but now that I am here it is best to wait a few weeks so that the residual effect of the chemical is not affected in any way. We recommend Breathe Easy Carpet and Fabric Care.