How long will the treatment be effective?

Ants are the only pest for which we do not offer a warranty. This is because of their colony structure and the fact that they can have multiple exits to their nests. However we do guarantee to greatly reduce the number of ants on your property.

I have put down Ant Rid but it didn’t seem to do much good, why is that?

There are many different species of ants and many products target different species. Ants also have multiple nests and the ants you may have killed may be from a different nest. Our ant bait Hymenopthor targets all species in WA and is highly effective.

I have heard that if I have black ants I won’t have a problem with white ants, is that true?

Black ants will kill termites but the nest or mud tubes need to be open for them to do that. Often ants can be within centimeters of an enclosed termite pathway and neither ant nor termite is aware of each others presence.

How does the bait work? (Hymenopthor)

It contains attractants which appeal to the protein ants (meat eaters) sweet feeding ants (attracted to sugars) and oil based feeders as well. The ants take the bait back to the colony and feed the poison to the larva. This will rapidly destroy the ant colony.

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