Wondering How Ants Get into The House?


Ants: they seem to appear from nowhere and overtake your home and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get rid of them or fix the problem.

Do you wonder WHERE on earth they keep coming from?

Ants are pesky creatures and can prove very difficult to get rid of. We show you how the ants get in and where they like to hide!

How Do They Get In?

Window frames and windowsills are a common way for ants to get into your home, as they find small cracks and holes in the timber. Over time, rain and water can also rot the timber of your window frame, which will create the perfect environment for ants, such as carpenter ants, to excavate and create a nest in.

Open windows and windows with “security screens” may also provide an easy way for ants to get in.
Walls and Wall Cavities
Is your house looking a little worse for wear, with cracks developing in brickwork or plaster? These cracks can provide direct access into your home, so it’s important to get those crevices filled as quickly as possible after they appear.

If ants have found their way into your home, it won’t be long before they will look to create their own nest. These pests will happily settle in wall cavities, where they are sheltered, and have easy access to food and water in your home.
Home Foundations
Even with concrete as a home foundation, small cracks or gaps can exist that will allow ants to sneak into your home. Home foundations that may be weaker or more susceptible to cracks and rotting, such as pier foundations, may also result in ants gaining access to your home.
Ants are also excellent hitchhikers, they can jump into picnic baskets, toys, bags and other items that might be used outside and taken back into your home.

Furniture, groceries and items you may have picked up at a garage sale can also harbour ants, and will give ants a royal treatment entry into your home.


Ants love moisture, shelter and food, so areas like bathrooms, kitchens and kitchen cabinets are an ideal space for ants to group together and hide.

The moisture from leaky taps, wet floors and sinks can attract ants in bathrooms, so making sure these areas are dried and kept clean is a great deterrent. Ants particularly love kitchens and kitchen cabinets, as they provide easy access to food and spillages – especially of the sugary kind! By cleaning up any spills, regularly taking out any rubbish and cleaning out rubbish bins can work to remove the attraction for ants.

With ants so easily gaining access to our homes, it is no wonder that they are difficult to get rid of with store-bought pest treatments. Contact the friendly, expert team at The Pest Guys today for professional ant control in Perth.