Wintergrass Control Using Pre-Emergent Herbicides

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From luscious residential laws to ovals and playing fields, wintergrass can overtake your lawn if not controlled properly. Known as a prolific seeder that consumes lawns in winter, it quickly becomes a nuisance and significant weed problem in many situations.

As Perth’s experienced environmental pest control professionals, The Pest Guys specialise in providing expert services using pre-emergent herbicides to limit wintergrass and preserve the quality of your lawn.

How Pre-Emergents Work

Pre-emergents are used on already established lawns to combat emerging plant pests. When using a pre-emergent herbicide, timing is everything. Pre-emergents are at their most effective when matching the germination period for wintergrass, targeting new tissues and stopping growth.

Used before weeds take hold, pre-emergents work to kill infant root systems and prevent them from growing. Established, healthy plants generally resist the effects of pre-emergent herbicides, having already developed strong root systems. When applied on lawns, pre-emergents effectively target wintergrass before it becomes a problem.

The Benefits of Pre-Emergent Herbicides

When it comes to protecting your lawn from intrusive and widespread wintergrass, pre-emergent herbicides are your best bet. They work to solve your wintergrass problem before it even emerges, eliminating growth and minimising risks to surrounding plants. Remaining weeds can easily be manually removed – saving you significant time and hassle in maintaining your lawn. As pre-emergent herbicides remove wintergrass for the entire season, your desired plants can access more nutrients without the competition of wintergrass and other weeds.

The Disadvantages of Pre-Emergent Herbicides

When using a pre-emergent herbicide, you need to ensure that it effectively targets your desired plants. At The Pest Guys, our pre-emergent herbicides can specifically focus on eliminating growth of wintergrass, allowing your lawn to flourish even in winter. While pre-emergent herbicides are effective in wiping out wintergrass, they do have some disadvantages depending on your circumstances. Pre-emergent herbicides:

  • Can only prevent growth before weeds emerge
  • Need to be applied evenly across lawns and must be watered properly
  • Contain harmful chemicals and need to be kept away from children and pets
  • Prevent any new seeds from growing, so even desired seeds planted after using a pre-emergent herbicide will be affected

Sticking to a Weed Control Schedule

Like any plants, weeds go through different seasons and require different control methods to contain them. When it comes to wintergrass, arranging a weed control schedule with The Pest Guys is your best bet for minimising growth and protecting your lawn.

We recommend inspecting your lawn in early spring and organising a pre-emergent herbicide before wintergrass grows. In late spring, evaluate if a weed killer or herbicide application is necessary or remove excess weeds by hand. In autumn, arrange a weed killer treatment or remove large weeds by hand so they can’t survive through winter.

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At The Pest Guys, we help you deal with wintergrass before it takes over your lawn. Our experienced Perth team specialises in providing pre-emergent herbicide services focused on protecting the health and appearance of your lawn throughout wintergrass seasons.

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