What’s Lurking in Your Backyard?

Pest Control Services

With its sunny days, warm summers at the beach, and laid back lifestyle Perth is a great place to live. That’s why so many creepy crawlies choose to call Perth home. That’s right, you are probably not alone in your home! At any time, there can be dozens of species of freeloading pests hanging around your garden – or even inside your home if you are not careful with pest control.

Depending on where you live you will be visited by different pests during the year. Knowing what to look out for at different times of the year and being prepared to defend your home with pest inspections and pest control methods is important.

Southern suburbs

The most common pests in Perth’s southern suburbs are:
1. Ants
2. Bees
3. Spiders

Bees and ants can be problematic in different ways; bees can cause harm if they sting humans or animals with an allergy, whereas ants create a pest situation when they invade your home looking for food. However, neither are quite as dangerous as the spiders which might be lurking around your home.

There are a few species of spider common to Perth households. Bites from Red Backs, White Tails, and Black House spiders are some of the most common dangers to children and can still cause a lot of pain in adults.

Remember to regularly check for webs in dark, high up places where spiders like to live. The best pest control method for spiders is to call a professional because the spiders you can see are unlikely to be the only ones living in your home.

Northern suburbs
The most common pests plaguing Perth’s northern corridor are birds, wasps, and ants. When bird populations explode, they should be controlled by a professional but wasps can be dangerous even in small numbers.

Perth is home to the famously aggressive Paper Wasp, which will defend their nest with multiple stings. At the first sign of a wasp infestation call The Pest Guys to protect your home and family by safely and completely removing the nest.

Whilst our North and South of the river suburbs like to pretend that they have little in common, the one thing The Pest Guys can guarantee they do share are ant problems. Ants are prevalent along Perth’s Northern corridor, just as they are in the South, and in some parts even more so.

Eastern suburbs and Perth hills

With all that bushland, it’s no surprise creepy crawlies abound in Perth’s eastern regions. Gosnells is the bed bug capital of WA, with cockroaches trailing a close second in most-reported pests. Bed Bugs cause irritations when they bite and it’s almost impossible to get rid of them using DIY methods. Pest control specialists have access to safe, effective chemical treatments to free your home from bed bugs once and for all.

Control pests in your home
Perth has some common pests across all the suburbs; ants, cockroaches, termites, flies, and mosquitoes can be found in almost all areas of Perth. Many of our suburbs including the CBD are built around waterways, which are guaranteed to attract insects especially in warmer weather.

Protect your home year-round with professional inspections and preventative measures by The Pest Guys. Call us at the first sign of a pest infestation to make sure you and your family are safe from nasty creepy crawlies, some of which might be hiding in areas you haven’t checked.