What Do Termites Eat?

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To us, our homes are more than just four walls and a roof, they are sanctuaries, full of memories, a place to unwind, and generally enjoy life. Unfortunately, termites don’t quite feel the same emotional connection to our homes that we do. Instead, these invasive pests just see an opportunity for food, shelter and water.

In nature, termites, or white ants as they are often referred to, are an important part of the ecosystem; they help to break down decaying and fallen trees and plants. However, when it comes to suburban areas, termites can’t tell the difference between a fallen log and a timber structure – which is where The Pest Guys Perth termite inspections come in!  

So what exactly makes our homes so tasty to these miniature critters and when is it time to book in a termite treatment in Perth with The Pest Guys?


While not all termites chow down solely on wood, those species that do are interested in one thing: cellulose. Cellulose is an important substance found in the cell walls of plants such as trees, shrubs and grasses, as well as in plant by products such as paper and cotton.

Why Do Termites Eat Wood?

Our homes often provide an absolute smorgasbord of food for our unwelcome visitors, with cellulose available in that old tree in your garden, inside the wood you’ve stockpiled for winter, and inside the wood frames that hold your home structure and flooring together.

While other insects and animals have a difficult time breaking down cellulose, many termite species contain a special organism in their gut that helps to break down the cellulose they consume and convert it into energy and nutrients.

What Kind of Wood Do Termites Want?

There are more than 300 species of termites in Australia, but not every species wants to invade your home for food.

Drywood termites are drawn to dry wood, so they will build their colony and eat away at the dry timber framework of your home, as well as hardwood flooring and wooden furniture.

Dampwood termites, as the name suggests, feed on damp, decaying wood. While this damp wood normally comes in the form of fallen trees in a forrest area or reserve, dampwood termites will also take advantage of decaying wood in fences or buildings.

If you spot any of these nine signs of termite infestation, you should call The Pest Guys for a termite inspection in Perth immediately!

Termite Pre-Treatment

If you are looking to buy or to build a new home, there are steps you can take to protect your home from an unwelcome termite infestation.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatments in Perth

For those first-time homeowners, investment property builders, or budding business owners, it is imperative that you book a pre-construction termite treatment with Perth pest controllers, The Pest Guys.

During the pre-construction phase, a treatment is applied to the soil or foundations of your site, creating a barrier between the structure and the termites. This chemical barrier will work as a preventative white ant treatment for Perth homes and businesses.  Find out more here.

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

The Pest Guys also carry out pre-purchase termite inspections on homes across Perth. These inspections provide home owners trying to sell, and those looking to buy, with a 12-page comprehensive report that covers any instances of termite activity or damage, any decaying wood and other important information.

Find out more about our pre-purchase termite inspections here.

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Termites can’t tell the difference between dead trees and the structural timber in your home, so it is important to be aware of any hotspots in and around your home that may attract termites.

Contact the team at The Pest Guys today to book your termite inspection or termite treatment, or to find out how we can protect your home from other creepy crawlies!