Understanding Ants in Australia

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Have you ever walked over a trail of ants and marvelled at just how many there are? While ants work together in colonies with huge numbers, there are more than 1000 unique species in Australia alone. Learn more about the different types of ants and which ones you should be aware of when it comes to pest control in your home.

Australia’s Ants

Ants prefer sunny climates, making Australia’s hot sun the ideal location for them to spread. With over 1300 known species of ants ranging in size, colour, shape and type, ants are a diverse and complex insect found nationwide.  

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are around 1.6mm long and are light to dark brown in colour. Although they do bite, they don’t have a painful sting.

Bulldog or Bull Ants  

Bull ants are quite distinctive in appearance. Around 18 to 20mm long, they tend to be red or black.

Carpenter Ant  

Carpenter ants come in a range of sizes, from 2.5mm to 14mm, depending on their status. Major workers are the largest ants while media and minor ants are smaller in size. They are generally brown or pale brown in colour.

Coastal Brown Ant  

Coastal brown ants are generally a yellowish brown and are around 1.5mm to 2.5mm long.

Common Black House Ant  

The common black house ant is around 2.5mm to 3mm long and is a deep black. They are said to produce a strong odour when crushed. Black ants commonly feed on crumbs and food in kitchens and homes.

Funnel Ant  

Funnel ants are around 5mm in length and are a yellow or brown colour. Each colony has one or more queen and king and they may bite when their nest is disturbed.

Garden Ant  

Garden ants are a dark brown or black in colour and do not sting. Workers are around 4mm to 5mm long while queens are 15mm long.

Ghost Ant  

Named after their almost translucent legs and abdomen, ghost ants grow to 1.6mm long.

Pavement Ant  

Pavement ants grow to around 3mm long and are dark brown or sometimes black.

Pharaoh’s Ant  

Distinctive in appearance, worker pharoah’s ants are 1.5mm to 2mm long and are yellowy brown. Males are 3mm long, black and have wings. Queens grow to around 3.5mm to 6mm long, are dark red and also have wings.

White-Footed House Ant

White-footed house ants have pale yellow or white feet with a dark brown or black body. They grow to around 3mm in length.

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