Bird Proofing in Australia

Bird Proofing Australia

Feral birds can quickly become a serious pest in your home or business, leaving droppings throughout your property and damaging furniture, buildings and awnings. At The Pest Guys, we specialise in controlling and managing the prevalence of problematic birds in your environment. Utilising a wide range of proven techniques, products and equipment, we’re able to control Perth’s main birds with expertise and effectiveness.

Is your home or business plagued by feral birds? Get rid of birds for good with help from the team at The Pest Guys.

Perth’s Pests

Many Perth homes and businesses are bombarded with a variety of pest birds, most commonly being the pigeon, seagull and swallow. While swallows and seagulls generally just cause a nuisance by soiling and scavenging surfaces and buildings, pigeons can be a serious cause for concern.

Representing a significant health risk to residents, guests and the general public, pigeons frequently carry a variety of diseases and infections that are harmful to humans and pets. If you’re noticing an excessive number if swallows, seagulls or pigeons on your property, contact pest control professionals to solve your pest problem fast.


Pigeons carry a wide range of diseases harmful to humans. Pigeon infestations may expose you to:

  • Histoplasmosis: found in the dried faeces of pigeons, histoplasmosis is a systemic fungal disease that affects the lymph nodes and the trachea and bronchi of the lung.
  • Encephalitis: pigeons may carry encephalitis that can be transmitted to humans through infected mosquitoes.
  • Toxoplasmosis: an influenza-type disease carried by some pigeons, toxoplasmosis is particularly dangerous to pregnant women and young children.

Get Rid of Birds in Your Home or Business

Prevention is key when it comes to deterring birds from your home or business. But, if an infestation has begun, there are a few techniques to get rid of birds for good. Relocation, trapping, culling or the installation of physical barriers and products can work in preventing and eliminating problematic bird populations.

At The Pest Guys, we utilise a number of effective techniques to control and limit the amount of birds flocking to your property. We aim to act as humanly as possible while quickly and effectively resolving your bird problem. Our techniques and products include:

  • Bird spiking
  • Bird slides
  • Bird shock flex tracks
  • Bird netting
  • Daddi long legs
  • The eagle eye

Management and Control of Birds in Australia

Worried about an existing bird problem or looking to prevent an infestation of problematic bird populations? Chat with the bird proofing experts at The Pest Guys. With significant experience controlling and eliminating pest birds from homes and businesses, we provide expert advice and quality services to keep your property safe and free from harmful birds.

Organise a free, no obligations appraisal of your bird problem. We’re able to recommend a suite of affordable and demonstrated solutions to help you manage your bird problem effectively. Chat with our professionals today – contact us on (08) 6201 2013.