Termites or Ants: How to Tell Them Apart

White Ant Treatment

Flying termites, also known as alates, can mean trouble for your property. Signifying an existing termite problem or one looming in the very near future, flying termites create additional offspring and establish new, problematic colonies throughout your property. Termites have the potential to cause serious damage to your home or business, from eating into timber floors, cupboards, linings and fixtures to causing devastating structural damage behind drywall and in between surfaces.

If you suspect flying termites, white ants or any other frustrating pests, be sure to deal with them fast. At The Pest Guys, we provide effective white ant and termite treatment in Perth to rid your home or business from pests and to minimise damage.

Understanding Types of Termites

Worker Termites

Both male and female, worker termites complete a number of duties for the colony. They aid in establishing the colony, finding food and caring for offspring. With the greatest numbers in the colony, worker termites are the ones responsible for the damage inflicted to wood and properties.

Soldier Termites

Soldier termites can be differentiated by their large head and big jaws. Assigned to protect the colony, they rely on the workers for food and nourishment. Both male and female, soldier termites are the first line of defence and can be seen giving their lives to protect the safety of their colonies.

Alate Termites

Known as winged or flying termites, alates leave the nest in spring and summer to start new colonies. After mating, they lose their wings as they land to find new nests. Alates are responsible for the spreading of termites and the growing of new colonies throughout your property.

When Do Flying Termites Swarm?  

In Perth, all termites are subterranean. They generally fly two or three times per year throughout spring right through to autumn. You’ll often find alates swarming on overcast days, after rain or when winds are low. Attracted to light, you may even see discarded wings in windowsills and along the perimeter of your home – proof that new colonies are being established. If you see remnants of flying termites or the impact of existing termite colonies on your property, it’s time to get expert help.

Flying Termites or Ants?

While both have the potential to cause serious damage to your home, termites and ants can be identified by their differing characteristics. Both sets of wings of flying termites are equal in length and their bodies are generally a uniform width, while ants wings are smaller and their bodies appear more segmented and narrow in places. While termites eat through timber and wood, ants – including coastal brown ants – can destabilise brick paving as well as roots of plants and lawns. This can result in your landscaping or gardening work becoming completely ruined.

Termite and White Ant Treatment Perth

Think you might have a problem with termites or white ants? Contact The Pest Guys in Perth for fast and effective termite and white ant treatment. Our Pest Off Package takes care of the control and maintenance of your pest concerns to ensure your property remains pest-free year-round. With regular visits – three every year – timed to target cockroaches, termites, rodents and spiders, we keep your property safe from pests.

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