Termites Around Australia

australia and its termites

Our sunburnt country is home to a variety of deadly, dangerous and destructive animals and insects. One pest that we deal with regularly at The Pest Guys, that is small in size but big in might, that thrives in our warm climate and causes damage worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year is the termite.

While The Pest Guys just work to prevent and undertake termite treatments in Perth and WA, termites are causing a nuisance in most parts of Australia. There are termite hot spots within each state around the country, and we literally mean hot; termites prefer the warmer areas of Australia.

Australia’s Termite Hotspots

Western Australia

Our humble little hometown of Perth is a hive of termite activity, thanks to our high seasonal rainfall and warm to hot climate. One of our hotspots for termite activity is the South West coast of WA, from the north of the Perth Metro area, down through the Margaret River Region and out to Manjimup. The other hotspot is to the north, from Exmouth up to the border for WA and the Northern Territory.

Northern Territory

Thanks to its proximity to the equator, the top end of Australia endures some humid, tropical conditions that termites love to live in. The top half of the Northern Territory ranges from high to very high termite activity!


The coastal areas of Queensland are prone to high termite activity, thanks to a humid, warm climate and regular rainfall during both summer and winter. Termites love areas that are warm and damp, so humid climates like Queensland’s create perfect living conditions.

New South Wales

Although the temperatures in New South Wales aren’t regularly high, the State still sees moderate to high levels of termite activity.

Not-So-Hot Spots

ACT & Victoria

As we make our way towards the South East coast of Australia, you’ll find that Victoria and our Nation’s capital, Canberra, have less termite activity due to the lower average temperatures. Termites are still a risk, so it is important to not be complacent! 


With an average yearly temperature of just 13.1°C, you would be incredibly unlucky to find termites in your home in Tasmania! This doesn’t mean you should avoid an inspection, as termites can still find their way into Tasmanian homes, though the risk is minute. 

Termite Types

Some species of termites can do more damage than others, while some are localised to living trees – it’s important to know which ones you do and don’t need to worry about. We’ve included some of the species commonly found in Western Australia that can cause damage to your home.

Coptotermes acinaciformis-

Found in urban areas, particularly where there are eucalypt gum trees, these nasty termites account for more than 70% of severe building damage across Australia.

Nasutitermes exitiosus-

These termites, found across most of Australia, also dwell in urban areas with eucalypt trees and can cause damage to buildings and timber, but this damage isn’t always as severe as other species.

Heterotermes ferox-

Another species found particularly in urban areas that have eucalypt gum trees, this species can be found in wood structures that may have been decayed from weather, as they prefer damp timber.

Mastotermes darwiniensis-

These pests are found in more tropical climates, so you’re likely to find these if you live in the north of Western Australia. This species is one of the world’s most destructive species, causing damage to everything from buildings to agriculture. They build their nests secretly, in the soil or in the stumps of trees, waiting until the next is big enough to split up and cause more widespread damage. 

Whether you’re buying or building, you live in your own home or you are renting in WA, you should give The Pest Guys a call today – our professional team will travel all over the Perth Metropolitan area for termite treatments.