Termite Treatment – Monitoring and Baiting Systems

termite treatment

Did you know termite damage costs hundreds of millions of dollars in Australia each year? According to CSIRO studies, one in three houses will be attacked or damaged by termites at some point, often causing serious ruin to the foundations of a building before being visually detected. A termite-infested house may seem perfectly fine for years, but by the time the damage is realised, your home may have developed major structural damage.
Termites play an important role in nature, feeding off plant debris and converting it into fertile organic matter; but unfortunately, their diet also includes the timber used to build your home.

The CSIRO recommends yearly inspection by pest control specialists; depending on the termite risk of your house and its area, more frequent inspections may be required. If termites are found, then chemical extermination treatment is required.

To minimise the risk of infestation, many homeowners take the proactive step of defending their home with early-warning monitoring and baiting systems, or have their homes chemically treated to prevent termites.

Monitoring and baiting

Termite monitoring involves setting up termite stations with timber interceptors in the soil around your home, which are inspected until termites are intercepted. Baiting involves mixing a termite food source with a growth regulator, which termites can take back to the colony to exterminate it. Monitoring and baiting isn’t foolproof; it’s possible for termites to enter a home undetected without ending up in the stations, however, these steps do significantly minimise the likelihood of attack on the home by reducing the number of termite colonies in a given area. This ensures the termite pressure the structure is under is greatly reduced. Termite monitoring or baiting systems are ideal form of protection for those difficult building types that are unable to be thoroughly protected chemically.

Chemical Termite Treatment

Chemical treatment to prevent termite entry into a building is very effective, however needs to be  re-applied approx  every 5 years to maintain effectiveness.  Pre-treated timbers are being used increasingly in new building construction; these timbers are unappealing to termites, alleviating the need for ongoing chemical sprays to protect the structural elements of the building. It also reduces the impact of hard-to-reach areas of a home which may be difficult to reach for chemical re-treatment.

However, re-application of a termite barrier is still important if we are to ensure protection of timber floors, cupboards, and carpentry At The Pest Guys, we offer a non-toxic chemical treatment which was formulated from a compound found in a South American plant, Ryania speciose, based on a decade of research. Scientists used this formulation to create an incredibly effective termiticide, Altriset, which has little-to-no effect on other non-target organisms.

An important benefit of using a termiticide like Altriset is that, unlike monitoring and baiting systems, there are no gaps: we’ll spray around the entire foundation of your house and stop foraging termites in their tracks!

Altriset will prevent further damage to your home, and within three months the infestation will be fully controlled; termites are poisoned when they tunnel through a ‘treated zone’. This compound utilises termite socialising and grooming behaviour, exposing an increasing number of colony members to the same termiticide, eventually ending the infestation. Altriset will be applied to a 15-cm deep trench dug around your home, so in addition to exterminating existing colonies, the soil surrounding your home will carry on being protected for up to seven years. You can rest easy knowing your most valuable asset is safe.

Why The Pest Guys?

Successful termite treatment requires expert knowledge, training and skills!

In fact, it’s crucial you contact pest control professionals straight away upon discovery of any termites in your home and avoid disturbing the infestation in case they flee from the spot to a less accessible part of your home (where an untrained eye could take years to find them).

At The Pest Guys, we know termites better than anyone. We know how they worm into your property, how to eliminate them expertly, and offer a highly effective termiticide that is non-toxic to humans and pets.

We offer a free no-obligation appraisal, and we’d love to talk with you about how we can keep your home termite-free. Contact us today.