Stinging Insects Attacking This Spring

wasp and bee pest control

The sun is out, gardens across Perth are full of blooming flowers, and insects such as bees and wasps are out in force; welcome to spring!

While we may admire the work ethic of bees and their fellow stinging counterparts, their arrival on our doorstep or in our garden can be hazardous for young children, people with allergies, and pets. So what do you do if bees or wasps choose to make your home theirs?

Unexpected Guests of the Stinging Pest Kind

This time of year sees an influx of bee swarms, as they relocate and look for new places to call home. Bees will often swarm in large numbers, and if they decide to reside on or within your property, you will need the help of The Pest Guys.

Mind Your Own Beeswax!

Bee swarms should be avoided at all costs, especially if you have young children around. They can be quite aggressive and dangerous, sometimes forming a big ball around the Queen, which often indicates they’ll only be in the area for a small amount of time and have not yet found a likely nesting spot.

Bees in a ball will often move along of their own accord. If you notice bees going in and out of a hole amongst your brick work, they are likely to stay put and you’ll need to call a professional right away – that’s where your pest management needs can be sorted by The Pest Guys team.

Buzz Off, Wasps

Wasps can be very aggressive, you often don’t realise how many you have until you have been stung! Unlike bees, wasps can sting more than once. These pesky stinging insects love being under fence capping or gutters, under tiles, or even in shrubs. Our Australian wasps also love hanging around our pools or ponds during spring and summer to collect moisture, but who can blame them!

Stay away from any areas where you suspect a nest has formed, and call The Pest Guys immediately. We’ll come to you, inspect the property and eradicate the nest or groups of wasps that have inhabited your home.

Bee Our Clients?

The Pest Guys will first recommend that you get in touch with an apiarist, who will remove or control beehives to where they present a minimal risk to humans.

Unfortunately, in the warmer seasons, swarming may mean exclusion of the area is not possible and sometimes the wait for an apiarist is not practical, this is where The Pest Guys we can help. The Pest Guys will remove dangerous bees from your home to ensure your family’s peach of mind, as well as guaranteeing the safety of people with allergies and of young children.

If your home has a sudden invasion from the local bees or wasps, contact The Pest Guys immediately for all your bee removal needs in Perth.