Spring Pest Alert: Managing Wasps

Wasp and Bee Removal Perth

As summer arrives, so does the onset of a variety of seasonal pests. Wasps, establishing themselves in spring and summer, are an annoying pest found on homes and properties throughout Perth. With painful and damaging stings, wasps can cause serious issues for their victims. From pets being stung to curious kids getting too close to nests, managing wasps early is essential.

Here’s how you can keep your property safe from the threat of bees and wasps this summer.


Preparing for Wasps in Summer

Wasps tend to prefer warmer climates and are more active in warmer weather. With Western Australia’s long and hot summers, our homes and properties become the perfect place for wasps to thrive. While wasps don’t cause damage to property, they do cause harm to the humans and pets that they encounter. With a painful sting that causes swelling and inflammation, wasps can be a serious, scary and painful nuisance.

In order to minimise the prevalence of wasps on your property throughout the summer, it’s essential to take precautions in the spring before.

Types of Wasps


Mud-dauber wasps

These large, solitary wasps live near water sources and use mud to make cells often seen on walls or ceilings in covered spaces. They place paralysed insects or spiders into the cells then lay an egg on top. Larva hatches from the egg, feeds on the insect and becomes an adult before emerging from the cell.

Paper wasps

A number of native paper wasps exist across Australia and all feature a slender build and narrow waist. Feeding on nectar, they also catch caterpillars to feed their larvae. Their nests are identifiable by their distinct hexagonal cones joined together and hanging from a stalk. You’ll often find nests hanging from branches or buildings.

European wasps

Also referred to as German wasps, European wasps arrived in 1959 and established themselves throughout eastern Australia. Although yet to spread in WA, the government is continuously monitoring new nests that arrive on transport. These wasps are aggressive and nests can contain hundreds and thousands of individual wasps.

How to Treat Bees and Wasps

When it comes to treating bees and wasps, it’s best left to a professional. While issues can sometimes be dealt with independently, both bees and wasps can become very agitated and aggressive if approached by humans or when nests become interfered with or compromised.

Treating bees is a sensitive subject. As bees play an essential role in the wellbeing of our ecosystem, it’s important to treat them appropriately. Contact a pest control professional for the safe and responsible handling of bees to relocate them away from your property into more suitable environments.

Take Preventative Measures with Pest Control in Perth

Prevention is the best method to minimise the prevalence of seasonal pests during summer. From simple measures like storing food safely to staying clear of nests, you can protect yourself against stings and avoid provoking pests.

To properly manage pests year-round, opt for a solution that incorporates control and maintenance. At The Pest Guys, we provide effective pest control packages in Perth. Our Pest Off Package includes three visits per year, timed strategically around the schedule of seasonal pests, to ensure your property doesn’t become a home for wasps and bees. Stay safe and protected year-round knowing that your property is maintained with expertise to deter seasonal pests.

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