Spider Infestation: Identifying Your Spiders

Spider Extermination

There are numerous types of spiders you may encounter in your home, and several of these spider species are cause for concern, and can be highly dangerous. They’re often present in nooks, crannies, garden sheds, the bottom of your deckchairs and all sorts of places where you weren’t expecting them – the last thing you want during a family BBQ is to be surprised by one of these very unwelcome visitors.

The Pest Guys are trained in recognising the types of spiders that our clients may be experiencing problems with, and adapting our pest treatment methodology to ensure maximum effectiveness. Spider problems can range from the occasional sighting to a full-blown spider infestation (and all-too-often, the occasional spiders can breed into infestation levels). Calling Perth’s pest control specialists about your spider extermination needs is the first step in helping you to stop the problem in its tracks.

From Spider Infestation to Spider Free

When you call up The Pest Guys, our in-house pest experts will have a chat with you about your spider problem and organise a time for a technician to come out to your property and conduct an initial site inspection to confirm our findings. A key to our success with spider treatment is that we involve our customers in discussions during the initial inspection, to ensure that before we carry out the spider treatment, we can work together with you to identify the distinct types of spiders in your home and their harbourage sites (in other words, where they might be hiding and breeding).

Spider Treatment

The good news is, a general spider treatment will often manage most spider species. However, a treatment that targets different spider species – based on our specialist, in-depth knowledge of the spiders of Perth – will greatly enhance the results of your spider treatment, eliminating the early returns of Perth spider populations to your property.

Meet the Spiders

Perth spiders can generally be classified into two main groups: webbing spiders, and non-webbing spiders. Webbing spiders include red back spiders and black house spiders, and non-webbing spiders include Huntsman spiders, Wolf spiders, and White Tailed spiders. All are known to cause poisoning or necrosis, and should be taken seriously as a potential health threat to people.

Different Types = Different Treatments

At The Pest Guys, we know Perth spiders, and our seasoned experts know how to manage a thorough spider extermination to maximise the effectiveness of our spider treatment services. The way that we treat webbing spiders is quite different to non-webbing spiders and treatment areas differ and vary. Generally speaking, non-webbing spiders are more difficult to control, and as such, they require a broader treatment area (inside and out) than webbing spiders. Treatment is performed mainly in roof voids and external areas of the home, with spot treatment internally if required.

The Pest Guys’ years of experience getting to know the habits and habitats of Perth spiders, combined with our professionalism and premium service, means you can guarantee your family and home are in safe hands.

Contact us today to book an inspection, or to find out if you require spider treatment.