Spider Extermination and Control in WA

Spider Extermination

Australia is notoriously home to an incredible amount of poisonous, dangerous and painful critters – including a healthy selection of spiders of all shapes and sizes. While spiders are an inevitable part of living in Australia, there are some measures you can take to stay safe and protected. From some of the most dangerous to pests and nuisances, preventative methods, spider extermination and effective pest control helps you minimise the prevalence of spiders and avoid an infestation.

Types of Spiders in Australia

From dangerous and potentially lethal to harmless and sometimes helpful, a large number of spiders are found throughout Australia. In order to effectively control the population of spiders on your home or property, it’s important to identify which species you’re dealing with. At The Pest Guys, we specialise in identifying and treating areas infected by a wide range of spiders. Most commonly, we deal with Garden Wolf, Funnel-web, Garden Orb, Redback, Black House, White-Tail, Daddy Long Legs, Mouse, Huntsman, Northern Tree and Brown Trapdoor spiders.

Signs of Infestation

If you begin to spot more and more spider webs or burrows, you could be experiencing an infestation. While not all spiders make webs or burrows, as some retreat into crevices, visual signs are a good indication of whether a spider is nearby. Some spiders are also drawn to moisture and dampness, so bathrooms, kitchens and laundries can become common hiding spots.

For homes that experience infestations of other insects like ants, moths or flies – otherwise known as common spider food – your property is more likely to experience a spider infestation. Spiders follow their food, so keeping your home clear of other insects can minimise chances of a spider infestation.

Spider Extermination Options

Measures must be taken regularly to minimise full-blown spider infestations. Tricky to keep at bay and preferring different environments to one another, it can be tough to locate and exterminate spiders fully. It isn’t as simple as just removing the webs; proper extermination and maintenance requires equipment, tools and solutions designed to deter spiders from your property.

For effective spider extermination and population control options, choose the services of a professional for ongoing solutions.

Preventative Pest Control in Perth

When it comes to avoiding spider infestations, prevention is your best bet. At The Pest Guys, we provide a variety of prevention services to minimise the likelihood of your home or property becoming a home for spiders. Our Pest Off Package includes three annual visits, timed in accordance with seasonal pests, to effectively control populations and keep your property pest-free. Utilising advanced equipment, solutions and techniques, we establish and maintain your property’s pest protection. Keep your kids and pets safe from the threat of dangerous spiders by staying on top of maintenance and control.

Get your pests under control with a pest management and maintenance package from The Pest Guys. Providing effective pest control in Perth, we keep residential and commercial properties free from spiders and other pests. Contact us on (08) 6201 2013 to find out more.