So, It’s Time For Mouse Control?

Humane Mouse Trap

Tap tap, scratch rattle

Do those noises sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve heard them at night but turned the light on to find nothing. Were you dreaming? You may have some uninvited house guests lodging in the backyard or roof; you may have discovered a family of mice.

What’s the big deal? They’re cute!

While many a cartoon mouse has delighted us on TV, discovering a mouse nest on your property can be indicative of a severe problem. WA’s Department of Health warns that mice and rats can bring diseases or parasites in your home, in additional to the superficial damage they can cause to residential and commercial property.

How can you tell if you have a mouse control problem?

Firstly, mice can colonise anywhere in the Perth Metro Area, so it pays to always stay on the lookout. Signs you have mice can include:

  • Gnawing marks on walls and / or furniture
  • Night time noises, these can be from walls, roof spaces or under floorboarding
  • Chew damage on food packets in pantries or cupboards
  • Pets acting more excitable than usual
  • Small pellet-like ‘gifts’ (rats and other rodents leave longer faeces)
  • Holes burrowed in walls or outdoor areas

Should you stumble across any of these signs, don’t dismiss them – rodent control issues can grow faster than you realise.

Why must it be dealt with now?

Early detection is critical for nipping infestations in the bud, so if you’re remotely suspicious you may be harbouring a mice infestation, it’s time to call The Pest Guys.

We’re familiar with the age-old adage ‘breed like mice’, but did you know mice breed throughout the year and can have a litter of a dozen ‘pups’ in 20 days? Moreover, those pups can then breed in under two months! Left untreated, a small colony can multiple rapidly, so the best strategy is to seek our help right away.

Who can deal with them?

The Pest Guys know mice; we’ve been protecting WA families and businesses for over a decade. Our first step when dealing with your infestation is an onsite appraisal to assess the size, species and scale of your pest control issue, and tailor our strategy to your situation and needs. We use the latest technologies for trapping, baiting and pest-proofing your home or business to protect your family, pets and property long-term.

Is it effective? Is it humane?

At The Pest Guys, we provide the most effective, efficient, and long term solutions and pride ourselves on our humane approach to pest control. Our staff are fully accredited, and use only humane mouse traps, so book today.