Safe Residential Pest Control for Your Household Weeds!

residential pest control for weeds

Weeds are common in Western Australian gardens. They sneak up through cracks in kerbs and driveways, invade our gardens, and invite pests who use weeds as a food source. Residential pest control and weed whacking go hand-in-hand.

The Pest Guys know how frustrating weeds can be, especially when they bring pests in to your garden. Our experience with natural pest control for Perth families has taught us a thing or two; read on to find out more about the weeds you might see in your garden, and how to combat them.

Residential Pest Control for Western Australian Weeds

Weeds can ruin your garden by stealing vital nutrients from the flora and fauna that you want to flourish. They grow quickly and without mercy. The first step in battling weeds in the name of residential pest control, is to understand the weeds you’re working with.

Lawn Weeds

There are several varieties of lawn weeds invading Western Australian yards. Among the most common are:

  • Brown Patch lawn disease; different from brown patches of dead grass, this pathogen can be overcome by beginning a proper fertilising program immediately
  • Crabgrass, with its tough wiry stems and wide leaves, is tough to eradicate with herbicide because it is similar to desirable grasses. We recommend the most natural weeding method, that is getting on your hands and knees and yanking these suckers out
  • The tiny sunflower imposter, Cape Weed, can also be mowed to slow its advance or pulled up to stop it completely

Broad Leaf weeds

As the name suggests, broad leaf weeds are characterised by broad leaves and their aversion to similar herbicides.

Keeping a healthy lawn is an important first step to keeping these weeds at bay during the year. You might be familiar with these broad leaf weeds:

  • Low-growing bindiis which prick bare feet and can be killed off with a selective herbicide (we recommend a natural weed killer)
  • Burrs which get stuck in clothing and pet fur – the giveaway is serrated green leaves and small groups of yellow flowers, which can be controlled by regular mowing and eradicated with herbicide
  • Clover, which can actually be useful to a garden if planted deliberately. If you didn’t invite clover in, then send it packing with a broad leaf herbicide
  • Dandelions, which are fun to blow but that just encourages them to spread and invade more of your garden

An important note on herbicides: Buffalo grass is extremely susceptible to broad leaf herbicides, so if you have Buffalo grass be very careful about which herbicide you use.

Winter grass

The soft juvenile leave and bright green of Winter Grass make it pretty obvious in Australian lawns. It will usually pop up around the start of Winter and often stay until Spring, even into Summer. Winter Grass needs to be dealt with before it fills the soil with numerous root systems and effectively chokes the grass out of its nutrients.

Dealing with Winter Grass normally requires a poison that targets the root system. If you battled Winter Grass last year, apply the herbicide in May before Winter sets in otherwise you will almost certainly have an invasion again this year.

Weeds = Pests

When weeds take hold, they will do more than steal nutrients from your desirable grasses and plants. Weeds bring in all kinds of insects, worms, rodents, and other hungry creepy crawlies that will happily munch their way through your garden and into your house.

At the first sign of an invasion, get in touch with The Pest Guys for a pest inspection. Our natural pest control will target the source of the invasion, including weeds and invasive plants, to make sure you are protected through winter and beyond.