Rodent Control – What’s Your Problem?

Humane Mouse Trap

The Australian dream; the house, a big backyard, plenty of space for the kids. We all want it, but that space sometimes hides more than discard frisbees; backyards are the perfect habitat for rodents to hide in.

We’ve all had that dreaded moment. You pick up a nibbled box from the back of the pantry, you spot a scarpering movement along the back fence, or you may have been lucky enough to find one of the ‘presents’ rodents often leave behind. It’s the dreaded moment you realise you have a pest control problem.

How bad can rodents be?

Whilst unpleasant, spotting the markers of a rodent invasion could be the best thing you do all year. If you do have a rodent problem, it’s important to be able to tell the difference between them, as they can pose very different threats to your family, pets or workplace.


Mice are known to sneak around pantries, nibbling at food and causing mischief. They might be the cuter species, but a mice infestation in your home or office can escalate exceptionally fast. We’ve assembled some quick facts for you to identify your rodent guests:

  • When inspecting any little ‘presents’, mice faeces will be particularly small.
  • Mice tend to be a bit quieter, you may only hear the occasional squeaking or some light scratching.
  • Notoriously fast breeders, baby mice can then breed when they are only 50 days old!
  • Mice prefer the indoors, so if you’ve spotted any clues around the pantry or cupboards, chances are it’s a smaller furry friend that’s come to stay

Thanks to their fast-paced breeding, it’s crucial to seek help immediately. Contact The Pest Guys today if you’ve spotted any of the above signs; you may be looking at a population of mice and seeking help early is the best solution.


Rats have gotten a bad rep, but unfortunately a lot of the bad press is true. If you have a rat nest on your property, they’re known to cause nasty odours, carry diseases, damage wires and bring insects into your home. So, how do you a smell a rat?

  • Rats prefer the corners of a backyard or vacant spaces such as roof cavities or under flooring.
  • Due to their larger size, rats can be easily heard at night, with thumps and running sounds characterising their presence.
  • Rats are more likely to roam in search of food but they are creatures of habit, look for greasy marks from their fur along skirting boards and in safe, narrow spaces.

While rats are always present in Perth’s metropolitan area, if you see the signs around your family home or business, we at The Pest Guys are ready to take action!

What about my family, is treatment safe for them and our pets?

Absolutely! The rodent control baiting stations we use here at The Pest Guys are all fully lockable and secure to ensure you family and pets can’t get into any trouble. We’re here to protect WA families from pests, not treat them one!

If you, like many West Australians, have seen the signs of rodents on your property, contact The Pest Guys immediately for a stress-free pest control solution to keep your family or business safe.