Rodent Control: When Rats Come to Visit

rats in house

We all love West Australia’s wide open spaces – backyards, parks, even industrial areas – and one thing these all have in common is a vulnerability to rat invasions. Rat populations create nests in quiet, out-of-the-way spaces that are all too common in the typical Perth landscape. In addition to creating smells, agitating pets and being known for disease, what do we really know about these critters?

What damage do rats cause?

More imposing than mice, having a rat problem can be the cause of extensive damage to your property. The issue is two-fold; rats need to gnaw constantly to keep their teeth short, and as larger members of the rodent family they’re particularly strong and resilient. They’ll chew through food and wiring, tread water for 3 days, gnaw through aluminium sheeting, and they’re even known to produce up to 15,000 descendants in one year! Ignoring the tell-tale signs of a rat problem may cost you a whole more than a few tins of peaches in the pantry.

What about disease?

Rats are known carriers of diseases and disease infected parasites, with Healthy WA advising there are 35 diseases associated with rat populations, including salmonellosis (and let’s not forget the plague).

These dangerous diseases can be transferred through numerous channels, from bites to contaminated food and drink and even the handling of dead rats you may have caught yourself!

How does the treatment work?

At the Pest Guys, we’ve spent over a decade perfect our rodent control in Perth – what’s our secret? It’s all about bait locations and patience. Rats are a suspicious bunch and can take up to 10 days to start sampling baits. The other secret to controlling your rodent problem? Locating current or potential portals and entrances rats are using to invade your home (believe it or not, they can fit into holes a quarter of their own body size).

The good news is that rats are creatures of habit, so once you’ve found traces of them, our highly-trained technicians will hunt down their regular routes to ensure our pest control staves off the infestation long-term.

Where can I help at home?

There are measures you can take at home to help reduce your risk of a rat population. If you have a compost heap, check the sides regularly, ensuring there are no holes or gaps. Keep piles of wood off the ground and away from walls so rats can’t hide behind them. If you have fruit trees, be sure to pick up any fallen fruit and inspect for any signs someone else has been enjoying your produce! The biggest thing is to seek help as soon as you think you’ve seen or heard signs of rats – all property owners in Perth are obliged by law to report, and address, any rat nests found.

At the Pest Guys, we love to get an infestation job early, saving you money, protecting your family and eliminating risks of further damage with our premium rodent control. Contact us today to find out more or book an inspection.