New Rat-Smart Technology for Pest Control in Perth

Rats in Australia

Rats in homes or businesses instantly sparks fear and frustration. Often considered to be harbouring bacteria and disease, rats are one of the most unsightly pests to discover in your home. The two most common species found are the brown and black rat, quickly becoming a pest after being introduced into Australia. Thriving in dark and damp places and finding homes in clutter, food waste, rubbish and debris, rodents can damage electrical work and furniture and can seriously deteriorate the quality of your space.

At The Pest Guys, we specialise in providing effective rodent control in Perth. Working in conjunction with our parent company Flick Anticimex, we’re able to offer homes and businesses with reliable and ongoing environmental pest control solutions.

Learn more about the Flick Anticimex Smart system of rodent control and deterrence.

Flick Anticimex Smart

An intelligent system, Flick Anticimex Smart constantly monitors your home and property. With responsive and efficient processes, the system instantly reacts to signs of rodents in an eco-friendly way to avoid expensive infestations and damage. Revolutionising the rodent control industry, the Flick Anticimex Smart system combines automation and expertise for the best in convenience and intelligence.

Step 1: Analysis and Planning

Ideal for homes and businesses of all sizes, our technicians complete a comprehensive inspection and assessment of your site. We study all available documentation and chat with relevant stakeholders to learn more about potential rodent infestations and likely access points.

Following our analysis, we define the most effective and protective system for your property. If you’re suffering from an existing infestation, we quickly take care of it in order to establish your new Flick Anticimex Smart system.

Step 2: Installation and Connection

Utilising our previous planning and research, our technicians install a selection of strategically placed sensors around your property. We also place a variety of non-toxic traps in strategic locations to effectively deal with pests before an infestation occurs. These sensors and Smart units are connected to the Smart data hub, passing on details of rodent activity and infestations for further system planning and refinement.

Step 3: Servicing and Maintenance

In order to ensure that your Flick Anticimex Smart system is operating at its best, we conduct regular inspections and assessments. Our technicians empty and relocate traps, analyse data and report on findings regularly. Once any activity is reported from our network of sensors and traps, we act immediately to restore your system to full functionality.

At all times, the protection of your home or business is our top priority.

Reliable Rodent Control in Perth

Get rid of rats and rodents for good with The Pest Guys. Utilising Flick Anticimex Smart, we help you deter and prevent rodents from entering your property. Simple, straightforward and requiring minimal intervention from you, our environmental pest control systems provide you with peace of mind year-round.

Learn more about Flick Anticimex Smart and get expert advice from the team at The Pest Guys. Contact us on (08) 6201 2013.