Protect Your Family from Bees This Spring and Summer

There’s nothing quite like the beautiful, warm weather of Perth’s spring and summer, however, humans are not the only ones who enjoy it.

But, at this time of the year, bees commonly swarm.

Swarming is a natural process whereby the queen will leave the nest with worker bees and site a new location to establish a colony or live.

Australia is home to European Honey Bees and our own native bees. While our native bees are normally of no threat to humans, the European Honey Bee can be quite dangerous around children and especially, those who are allergic.

Swarming can bring dangerous bees very close to your home or, in some circumstances, even within your home.

The Pest Guys take no enjoyment in eradicating bees and will assess every other possible option when you contact them with your bee problem.

However, eradication can sometimes become a necessity during Perth’s warmer seasons if family or sensitive person is at risk.

How will The Pest Guys treat the infestation?

The Pest Guys specialize in pest control in Perth, but we will first recommend that you get in touch with an apiarist, who will remove or control beehives to where they present a minimal risk to humans.

Unfortunately, in the warmer seasons, swarming may mean exclusion of the area is not possible and sometimes the wait for an Apiarist is not practical, this is where we can help.

The Pest Guys will remove dangerous bees from your home that can be threatening to people with allergies and young children.

What can cause an infestation?

Often, swarming bees’ choice of location is completely random. In saying this, there are a few conditions that can increase your chances of infestation.

European Honey Bees will often build their hives near sources of water. Draining any stagnant water that has accumulated in and around your house in order will decrease your chances of attracting swarming bees!

Bees will build their hives in any cavity or hole they can find, so it can be beneficial to fill any openings in trees and walls. Chimneys, containers or pipes – anything that isn’t in use – shut it!

How can I prevent another infestation of bees?

There are a number of preventative measures you can take to keep dangerous bees away from your locality, in order to prevent infestation in the future.

Survey the vicinity of your house often, especially the small holes that are favourable for dangerous bees. This way, early prevention can occur.

There are a number of smells that repel bees, which you may wish to utilize during swarming seasons. The smell of paint, smoke and different sprays are a few examples of scents that will keep bees away.

As mentioned earlier, filling any open holes or cavities and draining stagnant water is also beneficial in preventing infestation.

Eradicating bees should never be anybody’s first choice, but it can often become a necessity.

The Pest Guys provide the most effective bee removal in Perth and will protect your family from infestation during Perth’s hot spring and summer.