How to Protect Your Clothes from Silverfish

Silverfish Control

Silverfish might not look nasty at a glance, but they can do serious damage to clothes, books, paperwork, and fabric if their numbers are left unchecked for too long. If you’re dealing with a silverfish invasion you need Perth’s silverfish and pest control specialists to wipe out the population before you can work on prevention methods. We will thoroughly check your home for signs of invasion before our fully accredited technicians get to work eradicating the population, leaving you silverfish free with peace of mind.

How to spot a silverfish invasion

If you live in Perth, you’ve likely seen a silverfish before. Silverfish are small, only one or one or two centimetres in length, and get their name from their silvery grey colour. They are wingless with scaly bodies and two antennae on their head. They thrive in most climates but thrive in cool damp locations, e.g. under the sink or in the pantry.

Their diet is mainly cellulose, like the sugars and starches found in shampoos, glue in books, silk, and linens. If you notice books falling apart, or the edges of sheets and clothes getting frayed but can’t see the cause, you might have a silverfish invasion.

Dealing with an invasion

The first step is to try and identify where the silverfish are living and call The Pest Guys to conduct a thorough home inspection. We will scour your home from top to bottom, inspecting and opening cupboards and containers to spot those silverfish lurking in dark corners. Next, we’ll employ environmentally friendly control methods to exterminate the population. Silverfish need to be eradicated at the source or their numbers will keep growing. We use a combination of surface sprays, space sprays (gassing) and dusts on appropriate voids to control silverfish outbreaks in Perth homes and buildings. When you call us to book an inspection we will walk you through how to prepare your home for our treatment.

Stop them coming back

Once we’ve dealt with the initial invasion, you can start to prepare you home to make sure silverfish don’t come back. Here are some handy tips to prevent the spread of silverfish in Perth:

  • Control humidity in crawl spaces and wall cavities
  • Storing clothes and books in airtight or non-humid places
  • Making sure food, especially sugary food, is securely stored in airtight containers
  • Cleaning shampoo and food spills to remove the cellulose food source

The only way to completely, efficiently, and (most importantly) safely get rid of any pest is to trust Perth’s pest control professionals, The Pest Guys. There are things you can do to discourage them coming back, but first you need The Pest Guys to get rid of the population. Our friendly team would be happy to give you prevention advice so you don’t have to call us out again soon. If you spot a silverfish invasion, even if you think you have it under control, contact The Pest Guys to book a home inspection and we will take it from there.