Property Management and Pest Control

pest control for a rental property and property management

Property Managers face stress daily, not only with pesky tenants in their residential and commercial properties, but also with pesky pests of all shapes and sizes that arrive, uninvited, and make themselves at home.

As the professionals in commercial pest control in Perth, The Pest Guys aim to take the headache out of pest control in both residential and commercial properties, ensuring Property Managers can get on with managing properties and not just managing the pests that take up residence without paying rent! But who is responsible for Pest Control, and what kind of measures can be taken to ensure an infestation is avoided or prevented in the future?

Who’s Responsible for Commercial Pest Control?

As a general rule, any outbreak or infestation of pests, such as rats, termites, ants, spiders and other creepy crawlies, requiring attention by a pest control operator, is the responsibility of the lessor or Property Manager. However, the Property Manager or Lessor is not responsible for infestations caused by lack of cleanliness by tenants.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

For your client or homeowner, buying a house as an investment is an exciting purchase! What is substantially less exciting is finding termites shortly after they’ve finalised the purchase, or once tenants have moved into the building. It’s important for Property Managers to stress the value of a pre-purchase inspection, not only to ensure there are no pests currently lurking within wall cavities or decaying the timber, but also to provide an assessment on the condition of the property, which highlights any potential problem areas or building defects.

Why You Can’t Rely on the Tenants

The Pest Guys attend to hundreds of Perth termite infestations every year. Some infestations are caught early by fastidious homeowners, some managed on an annual basis, but many are ignored, resulting in a mammoth damage bill for termite treatment costs. Often, the worst termite infestations are found at tenanted properties, where residents aren’t the owners and have either ignored the termite problem or been oblivious to the tell-tale signs of Perth termite damage (often undetected by the naked eye).

As a Property Manager, ensuring the residential or commercial property has its annual building and pest inspection is crucial, as The Pest Guys will check for and identify any structural pests, such as rats and termites, as well as aesthetic pests, such as spiders.

The Pest Guys Difference

In the event your tenants uncover a pest problem, The Pest Guys offer after hours pest control solutions for both commercial and residential properties. We operate seven days a week providing you with a rapid response time whenever you need us.

Our team is:

  • Fully insured;
  • Police cleared;
  • Highly experienced;
  • Immaculately presented; and
  • Responsible, only ever following safe work methods and practices.


The Pest Guys team provides free pest assessments of complex sites, with Strata & Multi-Dwelling Site Specialists on hand if required. To dull the pest-control induced headache, Property Managers automatically receive 15% off all advertised domestic rates for The Pest Guys services.

If you are a Property Manager, contact our professional and knowledgeable team at The Pest Guys today! We can’t get rid of your pesky tenants, but we guarantee we will take the headache out of pest control.