Pre-Construction Termite Treatment: Why it’s Important

Termite Treatment Perth

Imagine you’ve worked so hard to buy a block of land and are now achieving the dream of building your home! What could possibly ruin this?


They may play an important role in nature, recycling dead and decaying wood, but unfortunately they can’t tell the difference between dead trees and the timber in your future home.

What does that mean for you? It means there are pests that cause hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to homes around Australia every year.

Luckily, The Pest Guys will help protect your home from termite infestation because we consider the home to be your family’s most valuable asset. You can book a termite inspection in Perth, today.

We believe prevention is better than cure and this attitude will help save you substantial costs later on, should you find yourselves in the throes of a termite infestation. To avoid potential damage, you’ll need to factor termite management
options into the pre-construction phase of your home build.

Why is pre-construction termite treatment important?

To ensure lifelong protection of your home and greatly reduce the risk of termite attacks, it’s important to factor termite treatments or products in to your pre-construction management plan.

Termite damage can be very costly to repair and isn’t covered by standard homeowner insurance policies. This is why it’s vital to prevent the problem rather than concern yourself with a cure once the damage is already done!

By consulting The Pest Guys during pre-construction, we can ensure your home is protected for the “life of the building” and guarantee a safe, happy and healthy environment for you and your family.

How does pre-construction termite treatment work?

By getting in touch with The Pest Guys, we can assess the best strategy to prevent termite infestation based on your building design and geographic location. We’ll also match any and all termite protection products to your environment, safety philosophy, and of course your budget.

Generally, the most common method for pre-construction termite treatment has been chemical termite barriers or sprays. However, recent changes in Australian Standards has resulted in a shift towards product or systems with the potential to the last the entire life of your home. This shift has product a trend toward physical products that can be incorporated into your home’s building design, and/or delivery systems that allow replenishment of a termite barrier chemical.

Termite barriers, whether they be physical or chemical, aid the detection of termites by forcing them into an inspection zone when they can be detected, thus reducing the likelihood of hidden entry into your home.

Regular inspection is the key to detecting termites and ensure your termite management plan or system is functioning correctly and saving your home from extensive termite damage!

Are termite barrier chemicals harmful?

Let’s face it, all chemicals are harmful, and whilst our termite barrier chemicals are far safer than products used in years gone by, they do still carry a general risk at application stage.

Fortunately, the areas of application for termite treatment are not areas any homeowner should regularly come into contact with, greatly reducing any potential risk.

This, coupled with Australia’s stricter environmental assessments of products, has resulted in less hazardous formulas. Whilst that’s great news for your home environment and still results in shorter termite lifespans, you’ll need to factor re-application of these chemicals into your plan to achieve successful termite control year in, year out.

Many customers prefer a greener approach to termite prevention, so here at The Pest Guys we place a large focus on promoting safety and wellbeing in the workplace not only for our employees but for customer, patrons and the general public.

What happens if I don’t treat for termites early on?

Deciding to not prevent termites from the very beginning is a risk that The Pest Guys are never willing to take!

By choosing not to manage termites or by using the incorrect product at the pre-construction phase of your building, you may be missing the opportunity to have the choice of treatment that will save you costs in the long term.

Prevention is a far better approach to termite treatment than the cure.

With prevention you are ensuring that damage never occurs to the home you have worked so hard for! But with curing, the damage has already been done!

In order to give you and your family the peace of mind of knowing they are living in a safe, happy and healthy environment, contact The Pest Guys for the most effective termite treatment in Perth!