Pre-Construction Termite Treatment: Commercial Buildings

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A pre-construction termite treatment in Perth is one of the most important parts of any build, but it is of even greater importance when it comes to commercial builds.

Termites are one pest that we deal with regularly at The Pest Guys; they thrive in our warm climate and cause damage worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year to homes and businesses across Australia, but unfortunately, most insurers do not cover for termite damage!

With that damage bill in mind, we look into the importance of termite treatment and the reasons why your business cannot afford to skip a commercial pre-construction termite treatment.

Pre-Construction Expectations

Applying a pre-construction termite treatment to a new construction site is integral to ensuring termites stay away for a prolonged period of time once the structure is completed.

During the pre-construction phase, one or more chemical termite treatments are generally applied to the soil or foundations, creating a barrier between the structure and the termites, which prevents them approaching or entering the structure once it is built.

Methods for applying these termite treatments include trenching and flooding around the external perimeter, and drilling and injecting into any cracks in the concrete or plumbing penetrations.

While these treatments will provide a solid foundation for your termite management, regular inspections and treatment may be required over time to restore the barrier and keep those pesky termites away from your business. You may also want to book termite inspections perth

The Australian Standard

As of the 1st May 2017, the Building Regulations in Australia have been updated, stating that all new building constructions, including renovations to existing buildings, are to incorporate a physical termite barrier. 

You can rest assured that The Pest Guys treatments are conducted in accordance with the latest Australian standards and codes of practice, and that any treatment we apply is done to our highest professional standard.

Termite Damage

For such small pests, termites tend to pack quite the punch when it comes to damaging structures such as commercial office buildings and retail outlets.

Termites can severely damage your commercial space by weakening the building structure itself, as they gnaw away at wooden floor and wall structures, which can lead to buckling wooden floors or loose tiles, water damage and that dreaded “hollow wood” sound within your walls.

If your business is experiencing any of the above signs of a termite infestation, pick up the phone and call The Pest Guys ASAP!

Invest in the Best

When it comes to developing a new commercial enterprise, businesses need to invest in a pest control company, like The Pest Guys, who have proven experience in not only pre-construction termite treatment, but also ongoing pest control and management.

Contact the professionals at The Pest Guys today to find out how we can protect your new construction!