Pest Control for Your Garden

pest control for the garden

Planning and planting a beautiful garden is a great way to add colour and vibrancy to your life. It’s every gardener’s worst nightmare to see their plants infested with pests. Natural pest control is an easy way to enjoy a pest-free garden without compromising the look and life in your plants.

Pest treatment begins in the planning process, and continues as you tend to your veggies and flowers over the years. The Pest Guys are experts in natural, non-toxic pest control including clever garden planning. Let us guide you with a few handy tips to avoid invasion:

Companion Planting to Control Pests in Your Garden

Some plants actually have pest repelling properties, and help their neighbours grow. Space out similar varieties of plants to avoid giving the pests a place to party and breed, then plant these guys throughout your garden to create a natural pest treatment barrier:

  • Basil helps tomatoes to grow, and some say it has mosquito repelling properties
  • Borage repels tomato horn worm and cabbage worm; plant some near your tomatoes and cabbage
  • Marigolds will give you beautiful flowers all summer long and repel roundworms and other pests
  • Lavender not only smells great, it also repels fleas, mosquitoes, moths and other pests
  • Clover repels all sorts of pests when used as ground cover in a garden – and who knows, you might find a lucky four-leaf clover!
  • Catnip is not only fun for cats – it will also repel aphids when planted near cucumbers

If you find your garden is overrun with one pest, you can introduce plants that attract that pest’s natural predator. Do your research about what type of plant you need (and make sure you are not replacing one pest with another) but you could find introducing a natural predator will allow your garden to flourish again.

Prevention is better than the cure

Sometimes it really is. In the case of environmental pest control at least, prevention methods are proven to repel pests and keep your garden healthy without using chemical pest treatments. The Pest Guys are big fans of natural pest control methods.

A spray made of garlic and hot pepper repels a huge range of garden variety insects and invasive wildlife. Spraying your garden at least once a week before and after high season for pests is an easy, non-toxic and non-damaging way to protect your plants.

Tea made with lemon balm repels aphids and other bugs. You can apply this every few days when aphids start to appear, and soon your veggies will flourish. For slugs and snails, try something with a bit more kick – mix one-part espresso with 10 parts waters and spray it on infested areas to kill the slimy invaders.

Powdered diatomaceous earth, often called ‘insect dust’, is a natural non-toxic pest control dust that works just about anywhere. A word of warning though; PDE doesn’t discriminate so keep it away from areas where honey bees are active to protect our declining bee population. IT is particularly effective on larvae and slugs.

The Pest Guys to the rescue

We hope these tips help you plan a pest-free garden. If you are facing an invasion and the DIY methods simply aren’t cutting it, give us a call! The Pest Guys are Perth’s environmental pest control specialists, getting rid of unwelcome invaders for good with non-toxic pest control methods that are safe for families and pets.