Paper Wasps: The Predator Wasp

Paper Wasp Pest Management

The Pest Guys are your local Perth exterminators, and one of the areas we specialise in is making your home or business safe from Paper Wasps. These particularly nasty wasps are 10–15 millimetres long, have a brown body and black and yellow stripes, and they’re thinner than your typical bee. Sometimes referred to as ‘Predator Wasps’, Paper Wasps are the most common native wasp species in Perth.

Paper Wasps play an important role in the pollination of flowers in our gardens; however, they can be quite a nuisance. If you approach or disturb their nest, they will likely bite, and bites or stings can be painful, especially if an allergic reaction occurs. Like most wasp species they can sting multiple times, and a nest usually contains more than just one wasp.

They usually eat caterpillars, and won’t be lured out by the smell of raw or cooked meat – so you don’t have to worry about getting attacked at a backyard barbecue. They can be quite territorial though, especially if you catch them by themselves. If you do spot a nest, it’s best to keep your distance and call a Perth exterminator to come and remove the nest.

Paper Wasp nests are usually found above-ground, and tend to pop up under fence capping or roof tiles, as well as under eaves and in dense shrubs. If you have any hollow steel or piping lying around, they might even form a nest inside that.

They’re one of the world’s first natural producers of paper, so it’s not surprising that their nests are made from a single layer of flat, papery-like honeycomb cells. Their nest is also a grey-brown colour, and often has some white-capped cells. Despite most wasp nests being larger in size, Paper Wasps usually have small golf ball-size nests, which can easily hide within nooks and crannies, like under fence capping.

To exterminate Paper Wasp nests, it’s best to employ the services of our professional Perth-based pest control company. Our service will include a complete inspection of your property to locate the nest (if you don’t already know where it is, or suspect there may be more than one), treatment of the individual wasps, and, if possible, the nest will be removed. We always pay careful attention to your property’s gutters, tiles and shrubbery, to ensure we don’t miss anything.

Most of the phone calls we receive about Paper Wasps are classed as emergency calls, as they can be pretty nasty and the wasps tend to hatch all at once. Before you know it, your home is filled with a swarm of wasps – which is far from ideal!

To help keep your home and family safe from Paper Wasps we offer a same day emergency response to metropolitan Perth. For all of your Perth pest management needs, contact us today.