Nine Signs You Have Termites

Termite Treatment Perth

While termites may seem to invade your property silently, lurking in the woodwork or structure, there are warning signs that homeowners and tenants can look out for that can confirm you have a termite invasion.

The risk of termites in Western Australia ranges from moderate to very high in some places! It is important to know what to look for, as a minor tip off about the presence of termites could save you from structural damage and high repair bills in the future, and will allow our team at The Pest Guys to provide a prompt termite treatment to your Perth home.

As the professionals in pest control, our team at The Pest Guys have put together the top nine signs to look for in your home that may tip off the presence of termites.

  1. Wood That Sounds Hollow When Tapped – This is the sign most people would be familiar with; drywood termites will eat wooden structures from the inside out, slowly weakening the structure until the timber has been consumed. Any tapping on these walls will indicate whether termites have begun to devour the timber inside – the more hollow the sound, the larger the cavity. Termite Treatment Perth is cost effective and quick. Contact The Pest Guys today for a quick quote. 
  2. Mud Tubes in Your Garden – These are a sign that termites are in the soil. If the tubes have been found close to your home, it is safe to either assume that termites are on their way to, or have already made their way into the foundations of your home. It is important to keep any shrubs, bushes and foliage trimmed so that these mud tubes can be spotted easily, particularly around the outside of your home. If you are looking for Termite Inspections Perth, then contact The Pest Guys for a free quote.  
  3. Flying Termites – These “swarmers” may be one of the first signs of termite issues, as these flying termites are looking to establish a new colony. Flying termites often swarm after rain, and depending on the species, will swarm either during daylight or at night-time, where they are attracted to light sources.
  4. Frass – Termite Droppings – An easily recognisable sign to spot is termite droppings – known as “frass”. These droppings can be found near entrances to termite holes and nests, as termites consume and push out the wood as they build tunnels to their nests
  5. Discarded Wings – After finding a mate, flying termites lose their wings before finding their way into a nesting site to begin a new colony. These wings are a giveaway that termites have chosen your home to nest, so a call to The Pest Guys is definitely in order.
  6. Buckling Wooden Floors or Loose Tiles – Termites may cause damage to flooring under laminate, floor supports or wooden flooring itself. As the termites devour the wooden supports in your floor, you may notice your floorboards buckling, tiles becoming loose or the floor itself sagging in. An early sign of this may be overly squeaky floorboards.
  7. The Sounds of Termites – Homeowners may hear buzzing, clicking or little ‘banging’ sounds from termite-infested walls and structures. The most common sound comes from termites when they are threatened – they will ‘bang’ their heads against the walls of their tunnels to send warning vibrations to their fellow termites.
  8. “Swollen” Doors and Windows – Many of us may associate hard-to-open windows and tight-fitting doors with summer and the heat, however, these signs can actually signal a drywood termite problem! As termites eat through the wood in doors and window frames, they produce moisture, which can warp doors and windows.
  9. Peeling Paint or Water Damage – As termites make their way through wooden structures, such as the doors and window frames mentioned above, they produce moisture. If the termites are in your walls creating cavities, there can be a build up of moisture which may appear as water damage, or result in peeling paint. Don’t hesitate to contact The Pest Guys for a White Ant Treatment in Perth quote. 

If you’re still not sure whether you have a termite problem, make the safe call and call The Pest Guys. Our team will come in to assess your home, and we can develop and provide the termite treatment your Perth home needs.