Natural Pest Treatment: Bugs that Get Rid of Other Bugs

Lady Bugs | The Pest Guys

Having insects lurking in your garden doesn’t have to be a burden – it can actually be beneficial to the health of your plants and can also help to control the population of less desirable insects.

So which insects should you welcome into your garden to help with natural pest control, and which pests should get The Pest Guys “special” pest treatment?  


Ladybugs, or lady beetles, are the surprising predators on this list. Their pretty façade makes them an admired insect, compared to some of their creepy crawly counterparts. These adored bugs consume both pollen and insects, so you can attract them to your garden with flowers and an abundance of pesky critters. They will act as a Natural Pest Treatment. 

One insect that the ladybug preys on is the aphid. These insects find their way into most gardens, attacking your plants from the roots to the leaves, and leaving a small path of destruction behind them. By promoting ladybugs in your garden, you can work to control the number of aphids and decrease the amount of damage done.

Ladybugs also eat mites, varieties of soft-bodied insects and insect eggs, making them a talented and effective natural pest controller for your garden.

Certain Spider Species

If the eight legs, sometimes-hairy torso and beady eyes are enough to send you running for the hills, then this next houseguest may not be the pest control helper for you.

While some spider species, such as redbacks and funnel webs, are more dangerous to have around than they are beneficial, other species can help to control general bug populations inside and outside your home, becoming a natural pest treatment. 

Not only do spiders eat pests around the house and garden, they also control the number of other spiders you have living in your home or garden, and they keep the ecosystem in balance.

If you are trying to control the general pest population in your home or garden, then spiders are a great bug to have around. However, if you are trying to eradicate a particular species, spiders may not be the best choice, as spiders don’t discriminate with their prey.

Spiders are also a great natural pest controller as they are one of the few predators in the insect environment that don’t feed on your plants.

Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is another handy bug to have in your garden, thanks to its lightning fast speed and hungry appetite for other bugs. There is a big variety to the praying mantis’ diet, with everything from aphids to mosquitoes, and caterpillars to beetles.

These majestic bugs are attracted to gardens with shrubs and perennials that provide strong stems and branches, as this is where they like to lay their eggs and camouflage to capture their prey. 

Green Lacewings

These vivid green insects are a great natural pest controller, with the larvae eating almost any small insect or egg, including aphids, mites and caterpillars.

Interestingly, once the green lacewing grows into an adult, it is no longer a predator! The adult version of this insect instead feed on nectar, pollen and honeydew.  

To attract these green beauties to your garden, you should aim to have a good mixture of plants, particularly with some nectar-rich flowering plants.

We encourage everyone to spend some time making their garden bug friendly. Not only does this support the growth of beneficial insects in the area, it is also a great way to improve the natural pest control around your home. They are a natural pest treatment. 

If you do need to call in the professionals, our team expert team at The Pest Guys are available to conduct pest inspections or treatment at your home or business.