Minimise the Risk of Termite Damage to Your Home in Perth

termite inspection

As a homeowner, taking care of your investment goes much further than just maintaining the appearance of your property. Unforeseen risks and unexpected damages can and do come up, so it’s important to know what to look out for and how to best protect your home.

Pests are some of the most damaging risks to any property, ruining insulation, wiring, wood and drywall and sometimes even rendering your home uninhabitable. In particular, termites can cause serious and costly damage that isn’t always evident at first glance. Learn more about how to reduce the risk of termites and how to keep your home protected with tips from The Pest Guys in Perth.

Reduce Moisture

Termites are often drawn to areas with dampness and moisture. Allowing them to quickly gather and populate, moisture becomes the perfect environment to establish an infestation.

Reduce the risk of a termite infestation by keeping your home and garden free from excessive moisture. Start by ensuring that your drainage is properly set up to flow away from your home. The ground should slope away from your home to ensure that no water or moisture gathers along your home’s perimeter or under your property. If your home is prone to excessive moisture, consider the installation of fans or air conditioning systems to assist in keeping the ground and walls dry.

Check taps and pipes for leaks and repair any damaged systems fast to minimise the chance of termites.

Be Aware of Termite Food Sources

By understanding what termites eat, you can keep a better eye out for any potential damage to your property. If you’re able to identify minor termite damage early, you may be able to prevent more serious harm caused by termites feeding on your property.

Most commonly, termites are drawn to wood, drywall, dead plants and trees as they contain cellulose – a termite’s main nutrient. Wood makes up the majority of their diet, although they can also feast on paper and plastic.

If you notice any unusual damage or deterioration to the wood or drywall in your property, you could be housing some termites. Contact pest control professionals quickly to thoroughly and effectively eliminate a termite infestation from your home.

Clean Under Your Home

The area underneath your home is one of the most convenient spots for storing unused items, wood, waste or boxes. Unfortunately, these materials make for perfect termite food. Termites snacking on items under your home may make their way up higher, managing to penetrate your flooring and set up within your home.

By keeping the area under your home clean of wood, dead plants and any debris, you can minimise the likelihood of termites finding a food source and turning into an infestation.

Effective Termite Treatment in Perth

Worried about a termite infestation on your property in Perth? Contact the professionals at The Pest Guys. We specialise in providing fast and effective pest control services to remove termite infestations from your property and keep your home safe and termite-free.

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