Killer Pests

killer bugs and cockroaches

While you are sleeping, there are few things worse than the high-pitched “buzz” from a mosquito, or the horrifying moment an UCC (Unidentified Creepy Crawly) finds its way across your face or limbs. Perhaps the silent gnawing of Termites is keeping you awake at night? 

But while pests and bugs are definitely irritating, sometimes their effect is more sinister. Sometimes, pests can actually be deadly to pets, or even yourself.

As professional pest controllers in Perth, we come across some of these nasty critters on a very regular basis. We know that Australia is infamous for being home to some of the worlds most dangerous animals, so read below to explore which pests are no joke, and should be taken care of as soon as possible, to avoid dire consequences.

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While the common cat flea won’t necessarily spread the Bubonic Plague to you, the oriental rat flea might. These fleas are commonly found in clothing, bedding or close to areas frequented by your cuddly canines or furry felines, but they can also spread themselves throughout homes and gardens.


There are 70 species of ticks found in Australia, with 16 of those species reported to feed on humans! One of the deadliest ticks in Australia is the paralysis tick, which is found on the east of Australia.

This tick is responsible for up to 95% of bites in eastern Australia, where it latches onto skin and injects an anticoagulant to prevent blood clots. While some people may just have localised swelling from a tick bite, there is a chance some may have severe allergic reactions, or experience the tick paralysis.

Some ticks may also carry diseases such as tick typhus, Flinders Island spotted fever and a Lyme disease-like syndrome.

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Would you believe that the mosquito is the most DEADLY animal in the WORLD? While only the female mosquito sucks blood from a host, over one million people across the world die each year thanks to mosquito-borne disease.

In WA, we should be most concerned about the following mosquito-borne diseases:

  • Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus – these diseases can be found in mosquitoes throughout WA, with their bites causing symptoms such as painful and/or swollen joints, skin rashes, fever, swollen lymph nodes and headaches.
  • Murray Valley encephalitis and Kunjin disease – Murray Valley encephalitis can cause fatal inflammation on the brain, drowsiness, nausea, muscle tremors and dizziness, while the Kunjin disease causes similar but slightly less severe symptoms. These trains of virus are prevalent in the northern two-thirds of WA.

Some Spiders

Funnel Webs

There are around 40 species of funnel web spiders, however the title for the world’s deadliest spider goes to the Sydney funnel web. The bite from this particular funnel web can cause a very quick death if not treated promptly, as the venom has a severe impact on the nervous system.

Other funnel webs can be just as deadly, with six species found to cause severe reactions within their victims.


Around 2000 people report redback bites each year, but thanks to anti-venom and the small size of the redback’s fangs, there have been no fatalities since the 1950’s.

Honey Bees

An insect more dangerous to Australians than sharks and spiders, the busy honey bee is responsible for more deaths per year than some of our countries perceived most deadly animals.

Brought to Australia in 1822, the bee, which can only sting once before it dies, is known to cause localised pain with its sting. However, if you have an allergy, a bee sting can cause a life threatening anaphylactic shock.

European Wasp

Wasps are also responsible for many hospitalisations and deaths each year, with some Australians suffering severe anaphylactic reactions to their sting. A sting from a European wasp is described as being more painful than a bee sting, as the wasp can sting multiple times.

You can read more in our blog about Insects and Allergic Reactions.

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Bull Ants

Another pest from the “most dangerous in the world” category, the bull ant is a ferocious species of ant that contains some of the most toxic venom in the insect world. Bull ants are found throughout Australia, with large bull ants ranging from eight to 40 millimetres in length.

These ants have large jaws, which they use to grab their prey (or human), before repeatedly injecting their venom with their stinger.

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