The Importance of a Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

Termite Inspections Perth

Buying a house is one of the most exciting chapters of your life, and you’ll want to ensure you’re moving into a place that’ll last for years to come.  Finding termites shortly after you move in can prove absolutely devastating, which is why a pre-purchase termite inspection is crucial for Perth home buyers.

Termites love those beautiful old Perth houses, especially where timber footings and framing are starting to decay, but don’t be fooled! It’s not uncommon to find termites, also (incorrectly) called white ants, in newer properties so it always pays to have an expert assess the house for potential signs of an invasion. It may be worthwhile booking a termite inspection in Perth with The Pest Guys.

What we look for

Termites tend to attack from the inside out, it’s hard for home owners to spot them before it’s too late. As experienced pest-controllers, we know what to look for and where to look for it, to make sure your house is ready to move in. Our comprehensive inspection covers:

  • Termite activity and signs of damage
  • Timber Decay
  • Assessment of current and previous Termite Management Programs
  • Signs of Wood Borers
  • Conditions that might encourage timber pest attack
  • Advice for ongoing Termite Treatment & Management Programs
  • Environmental factors in and around your property
  • Timber Pest risk assessment and advice

A good termite treatment plan will eradicate all termites from your property. 

What you get

Peace of mind is incredibly important when buying a home. You’ve done all your research on the best neighbourhood, secured the best mortgage rate, and you’re confident in your street’s safety – so you want just as much confidence in the building structure. Here at The Pest Guys we don’t sugar coat the serious stuff, and that’s why our pre-purchase termite inspection comes with a 12-page report and an in-depth treatment plan covering:

  • Timber quality and potential damage
  • Signs of termites, wood borers, wood rot, and fungal decay
  • Termite Treatment & Management Plan and action plan to uphold the structural integrity
  • Environmental factors in and around the home that could impact timber quality

We always go above and beyond to guarantee your inspection, peace of mind is one thing but a guarantee backed by years of experience will give you full confidence in the home you are buying.

Everything up to code

Australian Standard 4349.3 covers timber pest inspections, and sets out the proper methods and benchmarks for assessment. If you want to read the 52 page AS 4349.3 you can do so here, or you can trust that we know it inside and out. We’ll always make sure your pre-purchase termite inspection meets the Australian Standards.

We have an obligation as licensed, insured and  professional pest controllers to meet every criteria. More than that, we hate seeing Perth home owners disappointed when their dream home turns out to be infested with timber pests.

Contact The Pest Guys who have years of experience carrying out thorough pre-purchase termite inspections for Perth families. Trust us to provide a detailed, guaranteed assessment of your home before you buy so you know exactly what you are getting and can rest easy that your new home is termite free.