Identifying the Hotspots in Your Home

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White ants are some of the most damaging and frustrating domestic pests. Wreaking havoc from the inside out, white ants and termites can leave homes, furniture and items weak and compromised. As termite season picks up during the early months of spring through to the beginning of summer, winged termites leave their nests and look to establish new colonies. If you want to act fast, make sure you understand where to look for white ants and termites in your home.

Common Home Hotspots

Roof and Air Conditioning Units

White ants can be attracted to the moisture of roof tiles and air conditioning units. Providing an appealing breeding ground, termites are drawn to moisture and can set up colonies tucked away from intrusion.

Wooden Beams

Wooden beams around and outside of your home, including those in attics, are often left exposed. Giving white ants the ideal location to set up, colonies are drawn to the quick and easy meal.


Often kept in storage rooms or attics, cardboard boxes are generally filled with files, documents, papers or photographs. A perfect source of food for white ants, check boxes regularly to make sure they aren’t becoming termite dinner.

Wooden Flooring

A notorious source of food for white ants, wooden floor boards often act as a stepping stone for subterranean termites to access the rest of your home. Close to the ground and easy to access, wooden flooring can sometimes be the first part of your home to be compromised.

Skirting Boards

Spread throughout your home, skirting boards are generally solid and thick. Drywood white ants are attracted to skirting boards and often make home in their stable living environment.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is a staple in many homes. Known for sturdiness and longevity, wooden furniture is solid and heavy. But, wooden furniture can also attract white ants drawn to an almost endless source of food.

Cotton, Linen and Clothing

White ants are drawn to fabrics containing cellulose, which makes cotton and other materials ideal white ant food. Keep your linen and clothing tucked away and off the floor in order to avoid losing them to white ants.


Kitchens have seemingly endless entry points and limitless sources of food, making them the perfect location for white ants to set up.


Often attached to walls and floors, wooden cupboards are a popular food source for white ants. An easy entry point and a place for white ants to establish themselves undisturbed, you may not notice their prevalence until your cupboards are damaged.

White Ant Treatment Packages

At The Pest Guys, we specialise in effective termite treatment in Perth. Our experienced team offers specialised white ant treatment packages designed to stop white ants from establishing themselves in your home. Taking care of white ant hotspots and providing your home with an added layer of protection, rest easy knowing that you’ll be free from white ants year-round.

Reliable Termite Treatment in Perth

Don’t let termites set up shop in your home. Find out more about our white ant treatment services and recommendations in Perth. Contact us today on (08) 6201 2013.