How to Identify Rats or Mice

Rats In The Roof

Have you heard scurrying and scratching across your floors or ceilings at night? Your property may have become home to rats or mice. Drawn to attractive food sources and places with good shelter and comfort, rats and mice can go by virtually undetected in the day time. Nibbling on food, rodents can leave droppings around your property and may end up causing damage by chewing through your wiring, piping or insulation.

Often used interchangeably, rats and mice are actually two very different rodents. Learn more about the physical and behavioural characteristics of rats and mice and how to best combat a rodent infestation in your property.

Physical Characteristics

House mice are small and slender with large ears and lengthy tails. As long as the length of the head and body, tails are semi naked and extend out as mice move around. The head and feet of mice are proportionally smaller than their bodies and fur is generally a dark grey on the back with a light grey on the belly, however other colour variations can be seen.

Compared to mice, rats are significantly larger with bigger heads and feet. Their tails are longer than their bodies and their ears appear smaller. Rats are generally darker in colour and weigh more than mice, producing larger droppings that can be found around the home.

If you have past experience with mice or rats, you may be able to identify the type of rodent in your property due to the size of their droppings.

Behavioural Differences

Since rodent behaviour is dependent on environment, it can be challenging to point out specific behavioural traits to look out for. In general, rodents prefer to eat grains, fruits and sweets but will adapt to what’s most readily available in their environment. Mice will nibble at food sources and make multiple trips – around 20 or 30 – to the same source at night. They prefer grains and seeds and most often eat at dawn or dusk.

Rats generally live on the ground and make burrows in soil. They also make nests in lofts, attics and walls. Often, rats will shred available material to make nests and can cause significant damage to buildings. Mice tend to live on the ground and also make nests indoors in places that are undisturbed and quiet. They also shred materials to use for nesting and can climb up heights to find good places for shelter.

Rodent Control in Perth

Considered pests in Australia, rats and mice can leave droppings around your home and cause damage to furniture and buildings. Rats can also carry diseases and may spread harmful germs to members of your household. If you suspect a mice or rat infestation, contact the rodent control professionals in Perth. Offering comprehensive pest control packages to deter and remove mice and rats in Perth, The Pest Guys makes pest control and maintenance easier than ever.

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