How to Control Rats and Rodents on Your Property

Rats In The Roof

Commonly associated with dirty and littered streets, finding rats in your home can be real shock. While rats do linger around waste and rubbish, they also seek out food and shelter from relatively clean and organised homes.

As dreaded pests that spread bacteria, germs and disease, controlling your rat problem fast is essential. At The Pest Guys, we offer a wide range of pest control services to eliminate rats in the roof and throughout your home. We get rid of rats and rodents quickly, restoring comfort and safety to your property. For reliable, effective and prompt pest management in Perth, chat with our team.

Why Do I Have Rats?

Similar to other pests and insects, rats are drawn to areas where they can find food, water and shelter. Able to fit through small holes in walls and doors, rats can work their way into your home without you even realising.

Avoid leaving food scraps out and make sure to always close pantry and cupboard doors to deter rats from making their way into your food. Rats often make homes and hiding spots in clutter and mess, so keep on top of your home’s cleaning and maintenance to ensure that there’s nowhere to hide. Moisture, warmth and humidity also attract and sustain rodents, with leaky pipes or taps making for the perfect source of water for rats.

Rats can spread disease and germs while also chewing through your wires, pipes and insulation. If you think you may have rats, save yourself headaches and expensive repairs down the track by identifying and resolving the issue early.

What Kind of Rats Do I Have?

Some native animals, including bandicoots and bush rats, can be misinterpreted as pests. Posing little risk, native species generally live in harmony with other wildlife and can easily be deterred from entering the home.

Unwelcome rats, and the rodents most commonly carrying germs and viruses, are the black rat, brown rat or Norway rat. Introduced by European settlers, these rats are a threat to native fauna and flora. As well as carrying disease and germs, they also scale walls and pipes and can damage insulation and cabling.

How Do I Identify Rats?

Identifying the presence of rats in your home is relatively easy. While they’re nocturnal and won’t be seen during the day, you will find signs of activity that point to a rat infestation.

Look out for rat droppings, nested materials, evidence of chewed wires or wood, burrows around your yard, hairs along paths and smudge marks along walls. At night, you may even hear noises like scratching and scurrying.

What Can I Do About Rats?

If you suspect a rat infestation, it’s essential to enlist the help of pest control professionals. At The Pest Guys, we specialise in rodent and pest management in Perth. From known rats in the roof to suspicious droppings in your kitchen, we get down to the bottom of rat infestations and deter rats from returning.

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